Aconcagua: Rest Day at Basecamp

Posted by: | January 12, 2011
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Elevation: 13,800'

After yesterday’s trip up to Basecamp, the team is enjoying a much-deserved rest day today. While most of us were woken by the ‘whop whop whop’ of a helicopter as it flew in with a load of supplies, others had already been up due to the cacophony of snores throughout camp. Warm, sunny skies greeted us for our breakfast of eggs with cheese, coffee and juice. The next order of business was a trip to the medical shelter for a quick check with the doctors to make sure everyone was acclimatizing well for our push further up the mountain. Everyone passed with flying colors.  The afternoon ahead looks to be filled with eating, drinking, and rounds of backgammon. We will be making our first carry to Camp 1 tomorrow and are hoping for the forecasted weather of sun and light winds. Until tomorrow,

The RMI Aconcagua Expedition

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