Vinson: Part of Team Departs Base Camp

Posted by: | January 12, 2011
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Elevation: 7,200'

Hey everyone, this is Peter Whittaker calling in from Vinson Base Camp. It’s about 7 PM and I’m on the runway here. We have a Twin Otter just touching down right now behind me, you’re going to hear it. It just flew from Union Glacier and is coming in to pick up Ed and Cindy and Dave and Ben to take them from Vinson Base Camp back to Union Glacier. The rest of us are going to stay here and start the ski portion of our trip. [It’s] beautiful today, it actually warmed up a little bit, probably somewhere around 0.  This plane is a Twin Otter, we’ll see if Jake can push a picture out of it. It’s just taxiing in right now and is going to pull up next to us. These guys are going to load on get back to Union Glacier and, hopefully, get back to Punta Arenas with the Ilyushin this evening as well. I’m going to keep talking here, just a little bit longer as this thing taxis in. The Twin Otter is capable of holding twenty people and a bunch of bags. It’s pretty impressive to watch these things land on the glacier here. [Pause] And he is just starting pull around over here. We will probably end this call and maybe try again right when he takes off to get you guys a little bit of the experience of standing on a glacier with a Twin Otter on skis revving up to take off.


Hello, it’s Peter again and I’m next to the Twin Otter and it’s just about ready to fire up. We’re going to listen to a little bit of the audio from Vinson Base Camp here at 7,000’. Four team members, Ed and Cindy and Dave and Ben are loaded on the plane and waving out the windows at me right now as this Twin Otter fires up to fly from Vinson Base back to Union Glacier. The rest of the team, myself and Jake, Kent, Seth, and Caroline are going to stay here and ski. The plan is to ski for a couple of days here on the glacier and then head back about a hundred miles to Union Glacier looking for a peak that hasn’t been climbed or skied before. We’re going to be dropped there and spend three or four days doing first ascents and first ski descents. Okay, I’m going to shut up here and we’ll listen to this Twin Otter here as it powers up as it heads off the glacier here back to Union Glacier where hopefully these guys can be picked up by the Ilyushin very soon.


Okay, one more try, the Twin Otter taking off. Here it comes. [Engine Noise] Bye bye plane.

Peter Whittaker calls in as the plane lands at Base Camp

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