Mt. McKinley Expedition: Haugen and Team are “Rest Day Experts”

Posted by: | June 29, 2011
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Elevation: 14,000'

Hello, this is Mike Haugen checking in from 14,000’ on Mt. McKinley.

After a great push to cache our gear up high yesterday, we took today as a rest day. Although we were in the clouds most of the day, the sun was peaking through just enough to heat up the inside of our tents via the greenhouse effect. Thus, our nap-puchinos were glorious. After our naps and some lunch, Elias and I taught the crew some rope tricks that will help us be efficient as our rope teams make our way back up through the fixed lines and the running belays (our protection on steep slopes) that lie on the upper mountain. Our plan is to hurry up and wait for the perfect weather that will allow us to move from 14,000’ Camp to 17,000’ Camp. RMI’s Joe Horiskey promised us perfect weather tomorrow, so send him angry emails if it is snowing or windy.

We will check in again soon.

RMI Guide Mike Haugen

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Hi gang.  My in-box is full (thanks to you). You know the old saying: good weather follows bad. It will definitely clear at some point.  Once it stabilizes, the route should be in terrific condition.  I don’t want to see you guys break my record of 33 days on the mountain and no summit (May, 1972). Keep thinking positive.  Be safe and enjoy your time on Denali (some of you will be back to the rain in WA soon enough). Joe

Posted by: Joe on 6/29/2011 at 1:41 pm

Hey K, whole team in the heart room concentrating on your blog rather than the redo mitral valve we’re supposed to be doing. The pictures from the team summiting June 29 are awesome. Seems you guys are at 17,000 feet. Incredible. How you doin? Love and kisses from the girls in the heart room, and Chris. Miss you, Buddy. Hope all is well. You’re not missing anything here. Have fun. Be safe. The Heart Team and Kyle

Posted by: Kyle enslin on 6/29/2011 at 9:31 am

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