Aconcagua Expedition: Team arrives at Pampa de Lenas

Posted by: | January 11, 2012
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Elevation: 9,000'

Hi everybody,
This is the Aconcagua team checking in from Pampa de Leñas camp.
After a few days in Mendoza and Penitentes doing the hardest part of climbing a big mountain (getting the climbing permits, trying to get all the duffel bags that didn’t make it to the airport with us, packing a ton of food and gear for the mules, etc), today we started the trek to Base Camp. The mountain welcomed us with a perfect blue sky day. We hiked for five and half hours today and got to our first camp on the Vacas Valley.
Everybody did a great job and we are all feeling good. We are getting ready to sit down to dinner. Pete and Gilbert have cooked a gorgeous veggie pasta, almost as good as the amazing Argentinian steaks that we were eating since we arrived in Mendoza.
That is all for today, cheers!

RMI Guide Gabriel Barral and Team Aconcagua.

Trekking through the Vacas Valley en route to Aconcagua Base Camp.  Photo: Garrett Stevens Following the river towards Pampa de Lenas (Approach Camp 1).  Photo: RMI Collection

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