Ecuador’s Volcanoes: Cotopaxi Summit!

Posted by: Jake Beren | January 19, 2012
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Ecuador
Elevation: 19,348'

After our hailstorm approach and the lightning storms visible on the horizon, no one on our team really had a lock on how the day would turn out. When we started breaking trail at midnight and the stars quickly disappeared, everyone crossed their fingers that Cotopaxi would let us stand on top.  Luckily fortune smiled on us and we managed to find our way through some quickly changing glacial conditions with plenty of new snow to go with. The higher we climbed, the clearer it got and this team did a great job climbing smart and safe on this tough mountain and we all returned healthy and happy, albeit with the weirdest facial tanning we’ve seen. Thanks for a great trip with an awesome team.
RMI Guide Jake Beren

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