Kilimanjaro: Team Checks in from Barranco Camp

Posted by: Jeff Martin | February 16, 2012
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Elevation: 12,800'

Jambo from Barranco Camp,

Everybody did extremely well today on our move to Barranco Camp. It was the longest and hardest day so far of the trek, but the team was more than up for the challenge.  We started at 12,500’ this morning, with clear skies and a magnificent view of the mountain. But this was short lived as the clouds soon took over and stuck with us for the rest of the day. We even had a little rain as we approached Lava Tower Camp, our high point for the day at 15,200’. The clouds parted briefly so we could see Lava Tower and a glimpse of the Western Breach Wall. But more important than the view, was the fact the team was strong and handled the altitude well. It was downhill from here and we made great time descending down almost 2,500’, the entire amount of elevation we had spent the better part of our morning climbing up. But that is why today is so important for our acclimatization, and will pay big rewards on our summit day.
Tomorrow we tackle the Barranco Wall, and will check in from Karanga Camp.

A few comments from the Team -

Cal and Grayson - We will not fail.
Pam, Jaiden, and Carson - Miss you and love you.
Susan, Jennifer, and Craig - Still standing

RMI Guide Jeff Martin & Team Simba Sita

Far above treeline approaching Lava Tower. An RMI Team descending from Lava Tower towards camp. Our camp at the foot of the Barranco Wall, right below Kilimanjaro's southern face.

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