Kilimanjaro: Team Simba Sita Completes The Big Five at Tarangire

Posted by: Jeff Martin | February 23, 2012
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Hello from Kikoti Camp,

We had a bit more leisurely start to our day today and we were on the road by 9:00 heading to Tarangire National Park. En route there was a huge downpour, but all the rain stopped by the time we reached the entrance gate. From there, we worked our way south, stopping at every opportunity to view the animals. After yesterday, it seemed like we were in a dry spell because nothing can really compare to the amount of animals you see in one day in Ngorongoro Crater. In Tarangire, you have to find them! The usual suspects were all present, but the day was coming close to an end and we had still not seen a leopard. Then our safari driver decided to take a little detour, and 15 minutes later we were stopped in front of a tree with a leopard resting on a branch about 10 feet off the ground. Our viewing of the “Big Five” was complete. The last sighting of the day was a baby elephant, just a week old, with his mother spraying water on the both of them to help cool off in the afternoon sun. It was incredible.

Now we are at the Kikoti Camp, sitting out on the porch, looking out over the African landscape and listening to all the sounds around us. We’re going to take a short hike before dinner and go out and watch the sun set, and take a few customary “sun downers” to enjoy as the sun dips below the horizon.

Unfortunately, this adventure comes to an end tomorrow, and we start to make our way home. It has been a great trip and we have enjoyed it. Thanks to all of you who posted comments and gave your support for us safely reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

RMI Guide Jeff Martin & Team Simba Sita

An elephant in Tarangire National Park. The team's rooms at Kikoti Camp, on the edge of Tarangire National Park. Sunset looking over Tarangire National Park.

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