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Everest Base Camp Trek: Trekking to Deboche

It was again very chilly this morning as we packed up our bags and prepared to leave our teahouse in Namche, but as soon as we started hiking the steep steps that lead out of Namche warmed us up quickly. The first few hours of the trail traversed along the hillside beyond Namche, contouring along the steep slopes above the river far below. Occasional stupas with prayer flags streaming for their gold topped spires dotted the ridge lines we traversed. The trail was bustling with activity; trains of yaks carrying loads to and from the villages higher up the valley plied the narrow path along with children heading to school, trekkers, and the average Khumbu “commuter” walking between the villages. It was another crystal clear morning and the views of Everest and it’s neighboring mountains were incredible.

Finally reaching the end of the traverse in the village of Kyangjuma, we paused for some tea, much to the delight of the local Sherpani women selling jewelry along the side of the trail. With our packs a bit heavier, we descended through the pines to the river crossing at Phunki Tanga, a small village of only a few buildings sitting at the base of our big climb for the day. The trail from there ascends through pine forests, rhododendron trees, and into junipers in a seemingly endless series of switchbacks. The southern exposure of the hillside is fully exposed to the midday sun and we were soon very hot, hiking in t-shirts and shorts - a drastic change from the cold temperatures of the morning. We settled into a steady pace, slowly ticking off the switchbacks one by one, until all 1800’ of the climb lay below us and we created the ridge into the village of Tengboche. Tengboche is dominated by the large monastery overlooking the center of the village, and equally by Everest and Ama Dablam which loom largely in the distance. A breeze was blowing down from the valley above and we quickly pulled on our warmer coats as we passed the monastery’s front gate.

In Tengboche we treated ourselves to a slice of apple pie at the local bakery before descending the other side of the ridge a few minutes to our next tea-house in the village of Deboche, tucked away in the forest of rhododendron just below the monastery. The team is acclimatizing well and everyone felt strong today on the trail, easily navigating the trail while keeping up the light hearted jokes and banter which has become the norm on the trail. We are sending our best to everyone back home and appreciate all of the comments and good wishes left on the blog.

RMI Guide Linden Mallory

On The Map

Comments (15)

Another great day for the Team.  Should we worry that any of you may convert and stay behind in one of those beautiful Buddhist monastaries?  Good luck on your next hike to 14,000’.  It’ll be a piece of cake for his team!

Posted by: Hugh on

Hi Guys! The students at UCLAN University in the UK and are currently in the process of producing a musical courtesy of richard taylor and roger haines about the history, trials and tradgedies of climbing mount Everest. We would all first like to say how inspirational you all are and think its an amazing thing you are doing!!! We just wondered if anyone can tell us how big the top of summit actually is? BEST WISHSES AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!! X X X

Posted by: Aine O'Grady on

Jane & Renee - Are you sure you’re on the right hike? Shopping, pies, teahouses, SHOWERS, nice weather??  This is not how you described it!!  So glad you are all doing well and having fun - I look forward to the blog everyday and think of how jealouse I am!

Posted by: Holly on

I know you guys are all having a wonderful time!  I am thinking about you, following Linden’s wonderful blogs & pics, but totally missing being there with you!  Be safe and Have FUN!!!  xoxoxo

Posted by: Lee T. on

The cultural exposure, scenery and physcial demands of your trip are all awesome. The blog sites are great. Keep it up !!!

Posted by: Morgan on

WAY TO GO GIRLS - spent my morning reading both blogs in their entirety and feel like I have read a wonderful book that I cannot wait to pick up again.  Still can’t believe you are doing this - keep up the good work.  Can’t wait to see your pics!  Will be the only way this “girl” will experience this kind of adventure!  Keep it up; literally!

Posted by: Cheryl Whitley on

welldone Kathryn,
I like the photographs of you so small in the huge mountains, keep walking well and posting them !

Posted by: christine jourdan on

Thurston McCain and I are inspired! We are signing up for EBC in the fall. Is there any fly fishing along the way? I hear there is a fish called the masheer - very large and hard fighting carp - in the streams further down. I had dinner with John Fain at the Forum Club last night and we took turn bragging about our women.

Posted by: Thurston on

WOW it all sounds so amazing!! As I sit in my dorm room, I am still so jealous of this amazing experience you all are having (although I may not be envious of the switchback haha) Y’all continue to amaze and inspire me—especially you mom! I am so proud of you and I love you very much! I am so sorry that I missed your call tonight but I know you are doing a great job! Keep of the great work everyone!!

Posted by: Audrey on

Linden your photo of Ama Dablam conjures up past, present and future dreams- the beautiful contrast of brown and gold rock, shades of blue mountain hue and then Ama Dablam- a challenging mixture of rock and glacier.  Oh I wish I could be there with you all. Heard a rumor today that Tourists will be excommunicated from basecamp soon. GET UP THERE QUICK!!

Posted by: Elsie Bemiss on

The pictures/views are amazing! Glad everyone is doing well and going strong, keep it up!

Posted by: Gray on


Posted by: JC Fain on

Way to go girls!  Sounds like another great day.  Glad everyone is feeling well and loving those bridges!

Posted by: John on

We are so proud of you.  Way to go team!  Linden, your descriptions of the daily activities and hikes is absolutely fantastic.  If we weren’t all sitting at sea level in the comfort of our homes and offices, we’d swear we were right there with you.  Best wishes from your state-side admirers!

Posted by: Hugh on

Sounds like you all had a really good day! So glad to hear today’s hike was nice and included nice, warm weather (and apple pie). Keep it up!!! XOXO

Posted by: Courtney on

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