Mt. Everest Expedition: Team readies for next rotation

Posted by: Dave Hahn, Melissa Arnot, Mark Tucker | April 28, 2012
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Elevation: 17,575'

It is a beautiful day at Everest Base Camp. The climbing team and I did a nice glacier walk out from Base Camp. Just enough to stretch the legs and stop at the internet cafe en-route. There has been lots of packing and loads distributed to the Sherpa team who will help carry gear up to Camp 2 tomorrow. The rest days here at Base Camp have been good for the climbing team members and it looks like tomorrow they will begin their next rotation up high.  We had two members of our Sherpa Team, Lam Babu and Yubaraju, that spent last night at Camp 2.  They reported that everything is ready for the climbing team to inhabit this upper camp.

So, our plan is a 3:30 am breakfast, with requests of eggs, rice porridge, cold cereal and some hot drinks. The team should then be walking out of camp at 4:00 am headed for Camp 2.

We are hoping for good weather and for everyone in the team to feel strong as they climb higher tomorrow.

We will keep you posted.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

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