Mt. Everest Expedition: Sherpa Team Moving Supplies on Upper Mountain

Posted by: Dave Hahn | May 11, 2012
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Elevation: 17,575'

Hey Dave Hahn calling from Mount Everest. We’re at Base Camp. Our Sherpa team, Lam Babu and the guys are rested at Camp 2 today. They hope that they are going to put in a carry of gear and supplies up the South Col tomorrow. Early tomorrow they will try to reach 8,000 meters. The climbing team, we’re still taking it easy at Base Camp trying to keep our activity level up hiking, and visiting with friends and playing games. The weather forecast is still for a little bit higher winds to come in the next couple of days. There is not any effort at the moment between the climbing teams, the various climbing teams around us, to prioritize between going to the summit. That will come after those winds spike up and then we hope those higher winds leave the mountain and give us some better conditions. So it will probably all going to be happening after the middle of the month. A little bit of waiting time at Base Camp but not bad for us. Bye for now.

RMI Guide Dave Hahn

Base Camp and clouds over the Khumbu Ice Fall

Dave Hahn checks in from Everest Base Camp

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