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Mt. McKinley: Nugent & Team Begin Their Journey on the Mountain

Wow, after a couple hectic days in Talkeetna our crew finally completed packing all of the food, fuel, and assorted junk (but still expensive junk) that we’d need for our Denali expedition. We were greeted with fair skies and calm winds for our flight out to basecamp where after a hot meal we’ve settled in for the night. The crew is certainly eager and excited for the challenge and the hard work that lies ahead but is undoubtedly feeling slightly apprehensive. It’s hard to imagine that one wouldn’t be surrounded by such massive mountains on all sides. The weather tomorrow is calling for another sunny day and we plan to take full advantage by pushing a single carry out to the base of Ski Hill.

More news to come as the situation develops…

RMI Guides Billy Nugent, Gilbert Chase, Geoff Schellens, and the rest of the gang.

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Comments (16)

Hi Brandi and Elizabeth its time to put all that prep to work.  I’m sure that there is a lot of hard work ahead but remember to take some time to enjoy it all along the way.

Miss you Poo.  -Chris

Posted by: Chris on

Hi Gilbert-

Plow that road for me!  We’ll cross paths in a couple of weeks.  Looking forward to seeing you again (do you still have that boyfriend?)

Posted by: Larry Seaton on

Dear dad,
We all miss you, but we are following your climb. Remember to be safe. I timed today at the swim meet I was better than mom. (not very hard) We are going to Marry Poppins tomarrow. Love yiou dad! Laura

Posted by: laura on

Dad I really miss you but I’m really proud that you’re taking this challenge. I won in butterfly at the swim meet today. Love you dad! Peter

Posted by: peter on

Hi mom! Good luck! I’m about to go to the 8th grade play, but I just want to say I love you. I miss you mommy!

Posted by: Sheena on

Paul, your girl loves you, misses you and is crazy proud of you!!!!  Summit and come back home to the happiest place on earth.

Your baby, Sherri

Posted by: sherri Balmer on

No more rest days, Charles!  :)  Looking forward to your call from Camp 1!

Posted by: Kristian on

BB and Elizabeth….the markets may continue to go down, but I am confident that you guys will keep heading in the other direction…...keep warm and keep smiling….no VWAP to worry about.

Posted by: Paddy on

Heh Elizabeth and Brandie ... hoping you are both in the moment and having a blast on the mountain and enjoying all the new people. The house is still in one piece and Bailey has water. We love you so much and think/talk about you all the time.
One step at a time.

Posted by: Peter, Sherman & Bailey on

Sending you and your team positive thoughts! Be safe and take lots of pictures!

Posted by: Patti Emmert on

Elizabeth, We’re so proud and so excited for you and the whole team. One step at a time, higher and higher.  Be safe and enjoy every moment. xoxo Mom &Dad;

Posted by: Maureen Bartron on

Stuart, We’re checking the blog and watching your GPS tracker.  Climb safe!  We’re looking for stories and pictures.

Posted by: Jim Stickler on

John, we are so excited for you… thanks for including us in the blog..the Srdanovic family will be checking in daily throughout this journey!! Go team!

Posted by: Dominique Srdanovic on

Gene,Denise,and Winnie wish John the best of luck on this challenge.Be careful ,be safe,talk soon.

Posted by: Gene Costello on

Brother Paul, excited for you.  I know you will get it done with fantastic super guide Billy.  Grind it out.  Pulling for your team.

Posted by: John Fletcher on

The costello girls, Martina, Isobel and Caitlin send lots of hugs and kisses to their man on the mountain -  John, we love and miss you! Be safe and enjoy every moment!

Posted by: Martina Costello on

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