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Mt. McKinley: Nugent & Team Move to 9,600’ Camp

Today’s walk was pleasantly uneventful and brought us from Camp 1 at 7,800’ up to Camp 2 on top of Ski Hill at 9,600’. Clouds came in and out along with some intermittent flurries which broke up the heat from the direct sun. Walking temperatures were actually much more comfortable than yesterday’s constant, direct sun. The team dined on some delicious cheese quesadillas with grilled onions, peppers, and chicken before retiring to our tents. It pays to be in the sack before the shadow and chilly temperatures descended upon camp. High pressure is supposed to build again for tomorrow and we aim to take advantage by pushing our camp up to 11,000’ before crummy weather sets in half way through next week.

All for now,
RMI Guide Billy Nugent

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Comments (19)

  Elizabeth and team, so happy to hear all is well and you are getting higher and higher.. Stay focused, eat lots,  rest and enjoy the beauty and each other.
Miss you and our emails.  Emily’s concert was fantastic.  Love you tons.  Mom

Posted by: Maureen Bartron on

Hi dad, it’s the last day of school. We bought an iPad and downloaded lots of games. We are having an end of the year party on Thursday, right after the last day of school. I love you and miss you. Stay safe.

Posted by: Laura on

B- my “descent” is hardly comparable, carrying 2 kids, 1 stroller and several school bags down into the crevass known as the 1 train!  I am incredibly impressed. . .keep on truckin’
Love Vicki

Posted by: Vicki M on

for friends & family—I have another update from my buddy Charles on his sat phone: the plan is still for the team to rest today at Camp 3, then have a carry to the next cache spot at 13.5K tomorrow.

he mentioned they had just had an incident with the glacier making quite a rumble as it shifted beneath their camp! nothing to worry about though…

Posted by: Kristian on

Brandi, make sure you are sharing food with your fellow climbers!  Good luck the rest of the way!

Posted by: Frank S. on

Go Gilbert! Go Brandie!

Posted by: Stephen Manning on

Elizabeth and friends,
Having a thought for you all everyday!

Posted by: Annick on

Hi Elizabeth,
Thinking of you daily on your journey and glad to hear you’re safe.  It must be incredible!  Enjoy and be smart.  Looking forward to seeing you when you return.

Posted by: Erica Plam on

Donny- nice weather is great news. Good luck on next steps, babe! Looking forward to seeing all the pics and listening to all the stories. Missing you a lot!! Te amo, beijos.

Posted by: Tatiane Dias on

Elizabeth,  Love the picture and up dates,supper sounds wonderful, I missed my am email.So proud and hope you have good climbing weather for a few days, raining here in PA. Hugs and love, Mom & Dad.

Posted by: Maureen Bartron on

Hola girls,
seems everything is running smoothly. Hope you have lots of fun. I miss you and our quesadillas :-)
Stay safe!

Posted by: Verena on

Baby, I’ve been thinking about you.
Stay safe

Posted by: Matt on

So glad that the weather is with the team and that everything is moving according to plan.
FYI- Will won “Best in show” at his MFA exhibition
You are all in my thoughts!
Love, Patti

Posted by: Patti Emmert on

First off, I respect and admire the adventure, and wish the entire team good fortune.  This is specific message for John Costello. We miss you man!  What happened to your own blog???  You said you would have oodles of time and energy to write one hourly?  How you holding up big guy?  Any great trade ideas coming to you since you are closer to the heavens?  In all seriousness, take care of yourselves you clearly are on the adventure of a life time! Godspeed!

Posted by: Chris Lawn on

Cheese quesadillas… Brandi definitely had something to do with those! I got your card today from the camp on the training session, look sreally chilly.  Miss you.

PS your parents say hi too.

Posted by: Chris Brill-Edwards on

fyi, for the at-home trackers…

I got a sat call last night—the team is now at camp 3.  The plan is to head down to pick up their cache today, rest on Tuesday at camp 3, and weather-permitting, have a carry up to the next cache spot just past Windy Corner on Wednesday.

I did this climb 2 years ago with RMI…the team is right on schedule!

Posted by: Kristian on

Hey Elizabeth,

just to keep you a breast of things here. I have now moved on to a new internet medical symptom. I now think I have an appendicitis. Thought it make make you laugh.

Posted by: Steve on

Well done on pushing forward - hoping the weather remains great for as long as possible. We are missing you. Sheena got a perfect (100%) score on her chorus evaluation! Relay for Life was good and they had lots of fun. (Did you know In & Out burger + Krispy Kreme is on the way to the Relay! Who would thunk?)
We love you so much. The house is still intact. Miss you so much.

Posted by: Peter, Sherman and Bailey on

John C and gang,youre going well keep it up thinking of you be careful.Gene Denise @ Winnie

Posted by: gene costello on

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