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Mt. McKinley: Jones & Team Carry Toward 14 Camp

Today we experienced superb climbing conditions as we bumped equipment and food to our cache at 14,000’ camp.

We began with a steep climb out of 11,000’ camp, up “Motorcycle Hill” and “Squirrel Hill” then enjoyed a mellow walk across a part of the route called the “Polo Field.” We stopped just shy of the infamous “Windy Corner” at 13,200’. Guides and clients prepared to battle the harsh winds by dawning wind layers and face protection. We even made sure to have goggles readily accessible. When we rounded the corner however, we were greeted with only a light breeze. As a team we are constantly preparing for the worst and hoping for the best; the wind today turned out to be the best.

With our cache stocked, we headed downhill back to our camp. Despite some clouds, we were still greeted with a view of the Peters Glacier, the Direct West Buttress and Father and Son Wall. We were reminded how truly huge this place is, and satisfied to see that we are making steady progress. The entire crew had their strongest day yet.

We are currently back in camp hold up in our tents. It seems that in this place we are either working our tails off, or comatose and resting. Now we are the latter.

We look forward to seeing what kind of weather greets us tomorrow. We hope to move up to 14,000’ at some point in the next few days if the group feels strong and weather permits. Well keep you posted. For now, it’s back to food and rest.

RMI Guide Tyler Jones

On The Map

Comments (10)

Stay safe…..and enjoy the majesty of the mountain…..God bless you all…..

Posted by: barbara perry on

Thanks to Tyler for the reports. Exciting to follow your progress, the ascent and down again. Best thoughts to Nico and team. - Helene

Posted by: Helene L. Nolin on

Big hi to Chris from Wendy and John.  Cheering you on as you undertake this amazing journey!  Sending you good thoughts…looking forward to hearing all about it.  Take good care and be safe!  Enjoy!

Posted by: John Ferris on

Larry, one step at a time big fella! Look forward to seeing you in Napa for a glass of vino when you get down. Best wishes for a great time on the mountain.

Posted by: Tom Dwyer on

Go team go!!! Especially, go Nico go!!!

Pat and Lynda

Posted by: Pat on

Larry S and crew:
It is so fun to following your ascent! So inspiring!  Continue best of success focusing on being safe and working your way up the mountain!
Fred K

Posted by: Fred Klingbeil on

Go team Go! I hope you are feeling strong for the climb to 14,000’! Michael, the Spurs could use some of your strength tonight in OKC!! Safe and Warm Wishes!!

Posted by: Jenn on

Thanks for the excellent posts!  It is exciting to see the progress of the team.  Have a safe day!

Posted by: Mark on

Thinking of you every day, Logan.  So happy for you!  You’re an inspiration.  Stay safe,  elfe

Posted by: elfe on

Rolf and team,

I basically spend my day hitting the refresh button all the time on the 5/29 Mt. McKinley blog and looking at Mt. McKinley weather reports.  I can’t wait to see the next report. Stay safe and enjoy the mountain!

Rolf, I have a feeling at this moment (9:19pm Anchorage time) your enjoying your sleeping mask and pillow.

Good luck to the entire team!


Posted by: Jarrod Buckley on

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