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Mt. McKinley: Brent & Team Summit!

Hi, this is Brent from 17,000’ on Mt. McKinley and I just wanted to report that we did summit here last night and we actually just going to bed right now, [it’s] about 3:30 in the morning. It was a bit of an epic night with some trail breaking and some cold winds but everyone did really well and we are all safe back at camp. So congratulations to the team here, we will be descending down to probably 11,000’ [camp] tomorrow. Alright, talk to you later. Bye bye.

- RMI Guide Brent Okita

Brent from High Camp after Summit Day

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Comments (34)

Gary,  Congrats!  It’s been awesome to follow along!  Rory keeps asking me “how does Uncle Gary do that?”  He’s excited to get back to the climbing wall!  Love, Lorrie, Chas, Carson and Rory

Posted by: Lorrie, Chas, Carson & Rory on

Congratulations Kristen!  We want to hear all about it when you get back to the Upper Valley.

Posted by: ASOLO USA on

Only one word: Wow!

Posted by: Rob Rennie on

Congratulations to Kristin and the team.  You are awesome!  Have a safe trip down and enjoy your first hot shower.

Posted by: Marie Toro on

Hi Gary, Congratulations to you and the other climbers! Great blog. Have a safe trip back.
from Bob & Linda (Newport)

Posted by: Bob Fleming on

WAHOO!!!  We are so proud of you guys….amazing climb!  Enjoy the descent and be safe…..no sense rushing now!  Much love!!!!!

Posted by: The Parella Family on

WE’RE SO PROUD OF YOU KRISTEN!!!!!!!! Have a safe descent, and we’ll see you soon!

Posted by: The Frishtick Family on

Craig gave me the link to this blog and I’ve been following your progress. Congrats on reaching the summit. Can’t wait to hear all about it over beer.

Posted by: Jeff on


Posted by: Parker Gardner on

Congrats Bart! Whole family excited to hear to made it especially Grandpa. He is happy to know you are on your way down. See you when you get back. 
Aaron, thanks for being a great climbing buddy for Bart on all of your mountains. What mountain is next?

Posted by: Sandy Luhnow on

Congrats to kristin and to all of your team!!!!  What an incredible achievement!!!  We are amazed….looking forward to your safe return  
Debbie, Rich , Jen and Sean

Posted by: Debbie Collins on

Have been following the team’s progress daily.  Congratulations to all for reaching the summit.  This was a long haul.

Posted by: Ron Davis on

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !
AA-BART+TEAM MEMBERS, you are my HEROES, have a safe way back ...........

Posted by: Paco Santoyo on

SO SO PROUD of U…..Hold on on the
way down…LOVE & MISS U..:0)

Posted by: Aunty Nanc on

Congratulations to Kirsten and the whole team.  Have a safe descent!  Gloria, Alden and Pat, Janet, Art, Artie and Alden

Posted by: Gloria's family on

Way to go Kristin!
Lots of people in Burlington VT cheering you on.
Fancy that, I know a famous record holder!
Save descent,
Jenny, Nate, Wilder, Grace and Thea Ayer

Posted by: Jenny and Nate Ayer on

To AA and Bart: YEEE HAW! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! See you when you get back. We were really sweating it yesterday. Lots of interesting things going on at the plant since you’ve been gone see you soon.

Posted by: Mark and Crew on

what an accomplishment for Brent & team! really impressive effort & fortitude.  be safe on your well-earned descent.

Posted by: Kristian on

Good Job Brent and crew!! You really are amazing.  I’m happy you were able to finally summit and that you’re safely back to high camp.  Take it easy coming down from there!! Lots of love, Julie

Posted by: Julie Okita on

Congratulations Kristen and team! Just heard the news from your grandmother, who has been checking Denali summit weather almost hourly for the past 12 days! I’m at work and we are crying tears of joy for all of you and grateful to your guides and teammates. Congratulations and love from Mom/Bill/boys

Posted by: Mary Bender on

My husband is coming up that way I believe he is two camps below you.  I have been watching and praying and it just made my day to see this post!!!!!  Way to wait and hold on to your dream!

Posted by: Jill Crumley on

Bart, Aaron, and rest of the team - Congratulations on your patience and achievement.  You did it!!!  Looking forward to hearing the details of your adventure.  Have a safe trip home.

Posted by: Dawn Nicholson on

Thank God! Now come home!
Congratulations everyone! And Pea, I knew you could do it and would do it no matter what!

Posted by: Tim Kelliher on

Congrats to the Team!  Clearly an EPIC journey!  Once safely home, request each team member to E-mail forward/share their photos with the rest of the Team.  Best to you all!  Phil

Posted by: phil usher on

Gary, congratulations!!  So happy you and the team made it.  Hope you are seeing the sights of your life.  Mike and I love you and wish all of you a safe return.

Posted by: Jenny Scholl on

Congrats…there is another team of 5 guys from Salem, Albany & Bend, Oregon who moved to 14,500’ in the wee hours after sitting a few days at 11,200’. So happy for your team. Have been reading weather reports and hoped it would clear for your team. Safe trip down.

Posted by: Naomi Strauser on

Congratulations to your team. And a special kudo for you Kristen. An awesome athletic, physical, mental and spiritual achievement. You are the champion.

Posted by: Bob Bender on

You guys are awesome! Truly inspiring.  Great job!

Posted by: Johnathan Righetti on

Gary,  We are so happy for you and the team! Congratulations! I’ve almost worn out the screen on my phone checking for updates!!  We can’t wait for you to get home safely. Ian wants you to know how much he misses you. Love you.

Posted by: Angela Rennie on

Kristen. Congratulations my World Record Holder!!!  So proud of you and the whole team!

Posted by: Joseph mcclearn on

Wow, congrats to everyone!  And a special Congratulations to Kristen, the youngest woman to ever summit all 50 state highpoints!!

Posted by: Bob on

Way to go team!!!


Posted by: Thomas Parker on

Team! Congratulations on topping out!  We have been watching your past eleven days closely and are very excited to hear the news.  Now, get down safely and grab that hot shower (or two ... or three). Congrats again!

Posted by: Audrey & Doug on

Awesome job team, congrats!! Talk about a lesson in preserverance! Be safe on the descent!!

Posted by: Paul K on

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