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Mt. McKinley:  Walter & Team Rest at 14 Camp

We’re having a relaxing day, lounging around in our tents, resting, eating, and sleeping after a tasty breakfast of smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel sandwiches. The weather today started off cloudy and snowing lightly, but currently the clouds have dropped below us and we’re enjoying some sunshine up here at 14,000’. We’re currently in a holding pattern, waiting for a good weather window to move to high camp and make a summit bid. Based on the current forecast, it looks like we may take another rest day tomorrow to let this unsettled weather pass. That’s OK with us, as we are welcoming the rest and time to acclimate further. The weather forecast looks good in a few days, so we’ll hope that verifies.

Until then, we’re in chill mode. We’ll keep you posted with any news from our end.

RMI Guide Mike Walter

Comments (18)


Enjoy every moment. Would be awesome to take in that much of creation’s beauty…so untouched by humans.  Can’t to see your photos. We are praying for your safety.  love the Ortmeiers:)

Posted by: maren ortmeier on

Great to hear some news!  I will certainly be praying for you, Lee, and all your compatriots.  You’re as high now as I’ve ever gotten . . .  keep going!  I can only imagine what it actually looks like seeing it with one’s own eyes.  And I suppose the Creator must be bigger than this, since He made it!  :-}

Posted by: Fr Paul Duchschere on

Lee Hoedl & team: Enjoy hearing your updates and looking forward to seeing your pictures, Lee. This looks like a magnificently terrorizing adventure. :) Be safe. See you (and your photos) soon! Kathleen Wrigley

Posted by: kathleen wrigley on

Hi Gang
  I sure am enjoying monitoring your climb. It brings back great memories for me and I’m real happy for all of you. Keep having fun and be safe, always thinking of you.

Posted by: Jim on

Bagels, cream cheese and salmon.  You are really roughing it - sounds yummy!  Enjoy your rest day/s and best wishes for improved weather to ascend and summit.

A special “Hi” to David Zeps.

Rick and Lynda

Posted by: Lynda and Rick on

David Zeps:  I got 12 of 12 on top of Unicorn Sunday.  Hope the same for you and your team!  Mike

Posted by: Mike Holman on

Hi John and all,

Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you….and very impressed by your camp! :)  Hope you are all learning cribbage..tournament when you return home!  Have fun - be safe!  love, dee

Posted by: Deann Thoms on

Hey PHN…..Your going to the top…...soon


Posted by: Timmmay on

Stevey & John,
Crossing my fingers that you have great weather for the next couple of days.  I’m really excited for you guys to make your summit…and extra excited that you’ll be coming home soon : )  I hope all goes well!

Posted by: Jayme on

YOU GUYS ROCK! Hope you guys aren’t smelling up 14 too badly with all the farting, hope you get out of there soon!

Love Sasha

Posted by: Sasha Selby on

Best of luck guys! Wish I was there, but things aren’t so bad here in Ecuador!

Posted by: Cody Scott on

Stan—weather looks beautiful!  I hope you have a great day resting and eating and preparing for the final days!  Say hi from up there!  love me

Posted by: Betsy on

Hope all of you are rested up and ready to go when the weather is.  The picture looks great - a nice looking snow wall.  Oh and the mountain in the background is pretty nice looking too!  We are all proud of you and hoping that each one of you enjoys your summit experience!

Posted by: Di on

Good luck Riester.  Hope the weather holds out.

Posted by: Brandon on

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So…get on your way!” 
Dr Seuss

Posted by: smallbonez on

Hope the weather improves for your summit bid! The longbonez connected to the xbonez….working with Ward today we all are wishing you well! Be safe!

Posted by: Xbonez on

My dad is with you guys hiking this. I just wanted to send a quick message to let him know that I am already missing him. Have fun, dad. And take a lot of pictures for me. Don’t forget to leave my picture up there. Love you.

Posted by: Kelsey McLaughlin on

Pollywog, I’ve decided to start working out so I can come with you next time. I ran to the gym (didn’t actually go in of course…baby steps). Hope your weather gets better! I can’t wait to see you!!! Muah!

Posted by: jamie on

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