Aconcagua: Justman & Team Carry to Camp One

Posted by: JJ Justman, Geoff Schellens | December 10, 2012
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Elevation: 13,800'

I know I sound like a broken record but our Aconcagua team is both rocking and rolling! Today we woke up early and laced up our mountaineering boots. With hefty packs in hand we slowly made our way up to Camp 1 at 16,360 feet…officially.

For Geoff and I today gave us an opportunity to visibly see how each climber is doing. And it was obvious that everyone has climbed before. And climbed well. The team was in sync with breaks, rest stepping, good footwork and most importantly everyone was having fun.

We spent a half an hour at Camp 1 and we left quite a bit of gear that we will need for the upper mountain. So we are now officially ready to move up the mountain. But first we will take another rest day here at base camp. There’s no need to rush. The tortoise always wins the race.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

Basecamp to Camp 1, Aconcagua. Carry to Camp 1, Aconcagua.

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are the two pictures from the archive or actually from the current trip?

Posted by: Ryan Junell on 12/11/2012 at 9:47 am

Good work Barrel I-you are awesome and glad to hear all is well. PETER- I have 12 copies of Mountains of the Mind for XMAS gifts for my Kilimanjaro girls and Linden. Loved the book but I know you were luke warm on MacFarlane. Thanks for the copy on Elbrus. Rob- Charlie is changing jobs. West Virginia vs Richmond? Love to you all.

Posted by: Elsie Bemiss on 12/10/2012 at 5:19 pm

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