Ecuador Seminar: Team Summits Cotopaxi

Posted by: Adam Knoff, Casey Grom | January 12, 2013
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Elevation: 19,348'

As the phone call from earlier today said, we had an absolutely phenomenal day climbing Cotopaxi. The team as a whole was saddened by the withdrawal of Ginger from the climb itself but but we were all so impressed by her selfless decision to remain at the hut and not attempt the climb do to a nagging chest infection.  When climbers put their team first over their ego and personal ambitions, it reveals much about their true character.  Ginger we missed you today. After descending from our surreal summit, we quickly packed up at the hut and marched the 15 minutes downhill to the waiting van.  Our amazing local guide, Jaime Avila went home to Quito to prepare for his return to Chimborazo and the rest of us are now resting peacefully at a 400 year old hacienda south of Quito.  I simply can’t remember a nicer day in Ecuador. 

Voicemail Message:  Hello! This is Adam with Casey, Jaime and the crew on top of Cotopaxi!  Ginger stayed behind at the hut this morning as she was not feeling well.  Everyone else is on top on the most beautiful day we could have asked for.  It is almost a fair trade - I would give a day like we had on Cayambe to have a day like this on Cotopaxi.  It is a beautiful, beautiful place to be.  Everyone is feeling great and all is well.  We will check in later from La Cienega.

RMI Guides Adam Knoff & Casey Grom

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Well done on reaching the summit - and great to see you had such a fantastic day for it!  Enjoy being back to ground level (still higher than anywhere here in NZ!). Brett

Posted by: Brett Vautier on 1/13/2013 at 12:25 pm

Congrats on a successful summit.  Good luck on your third MT.

Posted by: Jane on 1/13/2013 at 10:32 am

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