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Aconcagua: Justman & Team 100% Summit!

Hey everyone, this is JJ Justman, I have an incredible news story coming to you live on the summit of Aconcagua.  Hey everyone.  Everyone on Team 3 made the summit of Aconcagua at 1:30 (ART) this afternoon. 100%!  The team did just absolutely fantastic.  Team give a shout out to everyone back at home. [Cheers from the team!]  I’ll tell you its always a tough day getting up here, but the rewards are great.  Beautiful day climbing.  We are the only ones on the summit of Aconcagua right now.  There is a little bit of wind so hopefully I’m not yelling too loud, but definitely want to let you guys know that everyone did great, everyone’s safe and sound.  We’re gonna take a few hero shots and then we’re gonna start heading down hill.  Thanks for following a long.  We will touch base with you when we get back to high camp.  Everyone’s doing great.  Everyone says hello to family and friends.  Take care from the summit of Aconcagua.

Congratulations to Tom Shilson!  Your guess of 1:23 is the winning summit time.  An RMI t-shirt and hat is on its way to you!

RMI Guide JJ Justman

RMI Guide JJ Justman from the Aconcagua Summit!

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Comments (23)

Congratulations Todd & Big Jim.  Can’t wait to hear about the trip and see the pictures!  Be safe.

Posted by: Aaron on

YEAH for Jim and Todd.  You guys are awesome.  Good job. Jana/mOm and Scott/Dad

Posted by: Jana on

Congrats JJ and Team 3. Enjoyed following you progress and hats off to a great day climbing to the top.

Posted by: Elsie Bemiss on

Congrats Greg B. and to the rest of the team.  What a wonderful experience! - Can’t wait to hear about it in person!  Be safe on the way down..
Geoff Morbey

Posted by: Geoff Morbey on

Congratulations Mike, and your team too.  When you get back to the states you can buy us a round of beer to celebrate!  Love,  Uncle Mel

Posted by: Mel Schroeder on

Congratulations Mike! Has been so much watching your adventure through the blog. Can’t wait to see some pics. Love, Uncle Eddie

Posted by: Ed Schroeder on

Awesome news! Congrats to all the hikers. Can’t wait to see the pics Greg - hope you took lots.

Posted by: Nancy on

Congratulations pops!!! thats amazing…hope the way down is easier :)

Posted by: Nikki on

Congratulations Mike! Wow, are we ever proud of you and the entire team. Here’s a shout-out to your excellent guides as well!  Truly a day of celebration. Love, Mom and Dad

Posted by: Maralee McHugh on


YAY!!! Congrats!!!!
We’re so proud of you!!!

Love you!!

Posted by: The Kids on

Huge congrats out to Greg Barber and Team!

Have a safe descent…enjoy!!

Posted by: The Pages on

Congratulations Todd, Jim, and all. I’m sure it feels good to have all your hard work pay off in such a big way! That’s such a huge accomplishment! Now hurry home, Todd, baby misses you!

Posted by: Sally McClure on

Wow, great job Greg and team. Looks pretty Awesome. Stay safe.

Posted by: Terri Laybourne on

Great job Todd & Jim!! George wants to know “How Todd get on that mountain?!”...I told him you’d fill him in on all the details.  There’s like a zip line or something down, right?

Posted by: Anna on

yeah Greg B and fellow team mates A big challenge and a big success; way to go everyone.  Enjoy yourtime at the top and safe journey back down. mom and dad

Posted by: Dawn on

Well done Greg! All those long workouts paid off! Buy you a beer when you get back!

Kim and Kath

Posted by: Kim Morgan on

Fantastic Job!  Congratulations!
This really is a Happy Thursday!
We’re happy for you Fred!
Love, Mom & Dad

Posted by: Sandy & Fred on

Congrats Greg and the rest of the team!  Yahoo!! So amazing, job well done!  Have a safe journey back down the mountain!

Posted by: Shauna & Greg P on

Wow, wow, wow.  Safe trip down

Posted by: Barb& Bob on

Great job Todd and Jim! So excited for y’all! Now get back to Florida where it is warm and close to sea level.

Posted by: Justin Domeck on

Hey congratulations Jim and Todd!! Ya’ll are bosses!  Way to freakin go!

Posted by: David on

Well done Jim! Well done Todd! We are proud of you both! Love, Patrick & Amy in Dyersburg.

Posted by: Patrick Heckethorn on

Such amazing news!  Big congrats to everyone especially Mike McHugh!  Best of luck on the descent :)

Posted by: Hanni Ress on

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