Mexico’s Volcanoes: Team Descends from Pico de Orizaba

Posted by: Seth Waterfall, Solveig Waterfall | February 16, 2013
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Orizaba summit!  After yesterday I didn’t know what to think. We had driven through a forest fire on the way to the mountain and the forecast was for a snow storm to move in during our planned summit bid.  Things were getting interesting to say the least.  But as it turned out our luck was impeccable.  The forecasted storm actually did roll in, as a low level drizzle that put down the small fire whilst we climbed to the summit in perfectly clear conditions.  We had a long and tough day for sure but everyone gave it their all.  It was a great final climb on what’s been a fantastic trip.

RMI Guides Seth Waterfall & Solveig Waterfall

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Congratulations!I’m sure you all have great stories to share. Brandon will get your well earned favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

Posted by: julie grooms on 2/17/2013 at 8:57 am

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