Mt. Everest Expedition: Hahn, Waterfall & Team Spend First Night at Everest BC

Posted by: Dave Hahn, Seth Waterfall | April 05, 2013
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Elevation: 17,575'

Yesterday we walked without any great difficulty from Lobuche to Everest Basecamp.  Conditions were perfect, with sunshine, blue sky and no wind whatsoever.  We stopped for a brief rest in Gorak Shep where we were all grateful for 3G cell coverage again (Lobuche is lacking in this respect which is why we took a couple of nights off from blogging). But we didn’t linger for very long in Gorak Shep because by then we were just a short distance from our home for the next seven weeks and we were excited to finish the trek.  We walked a bit more along the lateral moraine before dropping onto the actual Khumbu Glacier.  By then, the only thing difficult about the travel (apart from being over 17,000 ft) was walking while looking up at a couple dozen hanging glaciers and giant peaks.  We were into our basecamp by midday and eating a great lunch in our dining tent 30 minutes later.  It was great to catch up with our Sherpa team and mind boggling to see the work they’ve accomplished in two weeks.  Kumar is our incomparable chef once again, assisted by Raju, Jetta and Tikaram.  Our expert team of Sherpa guides is of course led by Lam Babu who did such a great job accompanying us on the trek.  In the meantime, Chhering, Kaji and Geljen were moving a lot of rock around to build camp.  We just had to move into well built and anchored tents, which was pretty easy.  We were excited to watch a big avalanche off the Lho La -the pass above us which is the border with Tibet.  And we were happy to spend an easy afternoon and evening getting settled.  The night went well, with all seeming to be adjusting well to the altitude.  Morning in such a place was just as awe inspiring as you’d expect.

Best Regards,
RMI Guide Dave Hahn

RMI Communications tent and Khumbutse. Photo: Dave Hahn Sunset on first night at Everest BC- Khumbu Icefall. Photo: Dave Hahn

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Awe inspiring pictures Dave! Do y’all take altitude pills or does everyone just have great lungs?

Posted by: Mary on 4/6/2013 at 3:08 pm

Is this the James Fitch team?

Posted by: John Mack on 4/6/2013 at 12:54 pm

Keep it going Dan.  We are all very proud of your accomplishments How is the poem coming along?


Ps Water jugs are all empty. haha

Posted by: Jim Strathern on 4/6/2013 at 9:44 am

Great photos!  Loved the Yak dung pile.  I hope the good weather continues for you.
-Larry Seaton

Posted by: Larry Seaton on 4/6/2013 at 9:05 am

Sounds like you have all the comforts of home…shelter….cell phone service…ready made food piping hot…and entertainment (watching avalaches) ...who could want for more.

Posted by: Lynn Via on 4/6/2013 at 7:02 am

I’m sitting here in amazement as I witness you brave men as you start your journey to the top of the world!  You’re an inspiration to all of us and my kids and I are following your adventure.  May the mother goddess grace you and the Sherpas with good fortune as you plan to summit the mountain.  Be safe!  And a special note to Mark…...I bet you’re kids are SO proud of you!  Godspeed my friend!


Kerrie May

Posted by: Kerrie May on 4/6/2013 at 6:41 am

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.” - J. Lubbock

Thank you for your dispatches as you journey to the top of the world! My students are enjoying what I call a different kind of classroom learning. All the best!

Posted by: michelle on 4/6/2013 at 4:24 am

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