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Mt. Everest: Dave Hahn Checks in from ABC

This is Dave Hahn calling form Mt. Everest, and again tonight we are at Advance Base Camp.  Our Plan had been to move up to the Lhotse Face and we tired we went out this morning with that as the goal, but unfortunately with Dan’s cough has not gone away and it has turned out to be debilitating as far as preventing us from going higher.  It is not a danger to him, but going higher with it would be a problem. So, quick change of plans Dan is going to head down to Base Camp in the morning with Lama Babu, and Seth and I are going to try and keep up Tshering, Gyaljen and Kaji and our plan is to go all the way to high camp tomorrow and attempt the summit on the 23rd.  The complication is that the weather forecast is kind of breaking down for those days and might be kind of dicey weather – We will have to see. We figure that will be our one chance and so it is up or down for all. Things should be moving around a fair amount for these next couple of days…we will see what happens. We are going to miss Dan as he heads back down to Base Camp, Lama Babu is happy to guide him down and we are expecting they will have a smooth descent and will be in Base Camp about the middle of tomorrow morning. That’s what’s going on here at Everest. 

We watched a lot of people tired people coming down from the Summit and from the Lhotse Face again today but it has starting to get though crowd a little bit, we have noticed traffic slacking a bit and that works in our favor.

That’s all for now, Bye!

RMI Guide Dave Hahn

Dave Hahn Calling from Advance Base Camp

Comments (15)

Dan, sorry to hear you had to turn back.  You did extremely well to make it so far.  Look forward to hearing about your trek when you return.  Be safe!

Posted by: Steve on


You made a good choice in trekking with RMI.  Your safety is the most important thing here and it’s great to hear that you’re in responsible hands and will be coming back in one piece.

Safe travels and don’t fret.  There are plenty more mountains in your future.

Your friend - Jake

Posted by: Jake on

Hi Dan: Sorry to hear about your cough. We look forward to your safe return and Michelle can hardly wait to hear all of your stories. See you soon.
Ann, Jerry & Michelle

Posted by: Ann on

Dan, our friend - Congratulations on what you have been able to achieve with this amazing trek. Now its time for some R & R after working so hard and accomplishing so much. We look forward to some great stories about your wonderful adventures. Get better too!

Posted by: Bill & Suellen on

Dan great accomplishment nonetheless. You’ve still been where many only dream to be at. Stay safe and get better.

Posted by: v wong on

How disappointing, Dan. So sorry to hear you’ve had to turn around. Glad you are safe and coming home.

Posted by: Mary on


So sorry to learn that you had to turn back, but glad to learn that you are safe.  It’s always better to be a base camp wishing you could have been able to reach the summit then to be at the summit wishing you could have been able to make it back to base camp!


Posted by: Bob Bordignon on

Dan sorry to hear you are sick and can’t keep going. The most important thing is that you get well. You have done all you can do and I’m sure above and beyond too. I am proud of you.  I look forward to you being safe at home and relaxing in the warm sun! Hugs

Posted by: Lauralea on

So sorry to hear about the cough Dan.  Health is number one.  Good call on the guides part.  You must be disappointed but remember, you have so many people that are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Looking forward to seeing you soon. xo

Posted by: Karen on


I am super bummed for you! I am working on my return trip as we speak! We need to talk when you get home! Be safe brother!

James Fitch

Posted by: James Fitch on

Sorry to hear about the cough Dan. Your a true team player. Looking forward to all your stories. Everyone is so proud of you! We all lov ya bro.

Posted by: woodzy on

Your friend Dan is a true teammate! Best wishes for sweet success.

Posted by: Linda on

Guys -

Sorry to hear about Dan.  I know he’s disappointed.  I know how tiring “the cough” can be.  I caught one at Aconcagua base camp and it followed me all the way to the summit and back down.  Take a step, then cough.  Talk to someone, then cough.  And I was only at 23,000 ft. It’s a real drag on your spirits.

Good luck with the summit push.

-Larry Seaton

Posted by: Larry Seaton on

Happy Birthday Mark

Posted by: OL Football on

It must be heartbreaking to make the call to descend for Dan. Wise decisions allow for a another crack at it looking forward. Love ya Bro! Stay wise and healthy all of you!

Posted by: Rick Hathway on

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