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Mt. McKinley: Dress Rehearsal for Team Okita

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
We were excited this morning as we awoke to a windless day which followed an equally windless night, a far cry from our first night here. With the sun just lightly obscured by some high clouds things looked reasonable for a summit bid. It was even relatively warm at camp, though our team mate from the South might well disagree with that assessment.
We knew today was by no means a sure thing, and went into it with our eyes wide open. And, as you might have guessed by now, we did not tag the summit today. But we did get to Denali Pass, 18,400’, which was a huge accomplishment! Unfortunately, the weather up over the summit was not particularly inviting, and we had a light but annoyingly cold wind at the Pass where we are obliged to take a break after over two hours of climbing.
So, we spun it. But we all got so much out of it. The route had quite a bit of snow on it so it was good to kick in the trail. Also, just doing that first part of the route will help everyone the next time we go up it. And, that could well be tomorrow.
Some people suggest that tomorrow might be the nicest day of the period. We’re definitely ready for a return to beautiful blue skies, even though the weather forecast reads: more of the same, that is low pressure bringing with it snow and clouds.
The team is ready to go back up tomorrow.
And so am I!

RMI Guides Brent, Logan and Leah

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Comments (21)

Congratulations Gerald and to the entire team! Hope you enjoyed the view from the sumitt. Safe travels down!

miss ya!

P.S. Aliki passed the being “faithful” test we talked about while you were gone ;)

Posted by: john azua on

Gerald, well it is tomorrow night here (June 5) and the suspense is just too much!  Whatever the outcome of the day just know everyone back home is wishing you and your team all the best.  You HAVE gone in the direction of your dreams and you most definitely are living the life you imagined!! So, so, proud. Stay safe, stay focused and climb strong.  Love and miss you.  Aliki, Riley & Charlotte

Posted by: Aliki on

G! Joe! Summit and get home for the 2nd set of Mule already ya Bastid!

Posted by: Bruce on

Gerald, it was a teezer. It’s all good though. I know your your all jacked up, stay strong. It’s tough coming home and checking the blog. Waiting for the post ” we tagged the summit”. Guess it"s not as tough as being on a ice cube for a few praying for a bluebird day for you guys

Posted by: Frantz on

Hope the weather clears up soon for you guys! And Logan, bueno suerte and i cant wait to hear all about it. Also if you get a little bit of frost bite, i can help you out! Im an EMT now!

Posted by: Morgan Randolph on

Derek   We are following your progress and hopefully tomorrow will bring good weather and you can cross another summit off your list. Looking forward to having you home for a few days on your way back to Oz.  Hope you have lots of good photos.  Best wishes to all the team and stay safe.  lots of love from mam dad and jude

Posted by: kitty delaney on

Way to go, Jeff! Hope the weather cooperates. I look forward to hearing all about it next time we get together (hopefully later this summer!).
- Frances, Dallas, and Devon (Cheers from Mary, David, Chris, and Jen, too!)

Posted by: Frances Albrecht on

Monica and team, sending you tons of positiive thoughts for a safe and successful summit, you have all exceeded beyond the dreams of many! Celebrate your adventure LOVE FROM ALL OF US

Posted by: meredith on

Great going Gerald and team.  A confidence boost i’m sure.  It’s not all about the destination, it’s also about the journey.  And it sounds like you are all having an awesome journey.  ah heck with that noise, Tomorrow will all be about the destination, when you summit!!!!!! Praying for blue skies!
Be well and climb strong. 
Peace, love and happiness.

Posted by: Rob Carrizzo on

Thanks for the update.  Your very consistent focus on safety and being steady and sure is very admirable.  I am looking forward to hearing about your crew’s successful summit!  It coming!!!

Posted by: Fred Klingbeil on

Monica and team—
we’re with you every step. We wish you strength, fortitude, patience, soothing winds, warm sun rays, exuberance, and gratitude.

Posted by: Marianne and John on

Keep it up!
Miss you, Love you,

Posted by: eva on

Congratulations on the accomplishments so far!  Be safe and have fun!

Posted by: Elizabeth LaBoone on

Erich! I hope you’re high pointing this beast RIGHT NOW! Can’t wait for you to check this one off the list!  Stay strong and positive! I love you! Praying for good weather and for everyone on the team to stay safe! GOOD LUCK! :)

Posted by: Amberly on

Leah…. Keep your spirit up, every day up there is an accomplishment! Today could be the day! Lots of love,

Posted by: Karen & Mike on

Today is the day team…your day to stand on the highest point in North America…one step at a time.  Take lots of pictures and enjoy that moment when you are on top..

Posted by: Fletch on

You all sound like an amazing group.  Best wishes for tomorrow!

Posted by: Stacey and Mike on

Safe climb, and good luck.

Thinking of you all

Posted by: Lorraine on

A & B, Sending love and positive energy!

Posted by: Doni on

Jeff Hooper
Fingers crossed for good weather.  You are almost at the top.  we can’t wait to see you and hear about your trip
Kenny, Alex, and Sophia.

Posted by: Veronica Hooper on

Team -

Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be THE DAY. Good luck!!

-Larry Seaton

Posted by: Larry Seaton on

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