Ecuador Volcanoes: Mike Walter & Team Visit the Otavalo Market

Posted by: Mike Walter | June 22, 2013
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After a relaxing night at the hotel Casa Sol, we headed to the world famous market in downtown Otavalo this morning. Here the indigenous OtavaleƱos display their artisan craft goods, including ponchos, blankets, and sweaters woven from the wool of sheep and alpaca, jewelry, paintings, wood carvings, and the like. We spent the morning exploring the market, and now we’re about to head out to the climbers’ hut on Cayambe, where we’ll spend two nights and hopefully get good weather for a shot at the summit. Cayambe sits at an elevation of 5,790 meters, with massive glaciers flowing from the summit. It is the 3rd highest peak in Ecuador, and also holds the distinction of the highest altitude on earth over which the equator passes.

The weather today is beautifully warm and sunny, and we are optimistic that the good weather will continue while we are up on our climb.

Hasta luego…

RMI Guide Mike Walter

A day at the Otavalo Market. Photo: RMI Collection Colorful jewelry at the Otavalo Market. Photo: RMI Collection

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Exciting to watch and hear your progress!!  Glad to hear everyone is moving strong and feeling good.  Looking forward to seeing you at the top and celebrating your summit!!  go, Go, GO!!!  Lumley

Posted by: Jennifer Lumley on 6/25/2013 at 4:12 am

Been following and envious! Sorry to hear just 300ft short of Summit - better safe. We will hope for the best on the next climb. Be safe & enjoy!

Posted by: Dan C on 6/24/2013 at 9:17 am

Ken Bob and Mark
You have a lot of friends and family cheering you on.
Stay safe and good luck to everyone in your group.

Posted by: Andy on 6/23/2013 at 4:27 pm

Ken, Bob, and Mark- Know that I am following you guys every step of the way- I already have altitude envy!  sounds like an amazing trip, wish I was there, good luck to the entire team.

Posted by: Sean Conroy on 6/22/2013 at 1:47 pm

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