Mt. Elbrus: Tucker & Team Hike in the Cheget Ski Area

Posted by: Mark Tucker | July 05, 2013
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Elevation: 11,000'

Nice to be in the mountains, especially the Caucasus. What a nice range of peaks it is. A bit of sun, a little cloudy at times, and some wind made for a nice variety during our day of hiking.  We used the chair lifts to put us into thin air and then climbed to around 11,000’. Had a momentary glimpse of the Mt. Elbrus’ upper mountain but saving the prolonged clear for summit day and time we will spend high on the flanks of the tallest peak in Europe. Good planning indeed.

Ran across a number of guide friends today and played a good trick on one of them. The team got into character and did not break till we totally fooled my pal. They met him on the trail and immediately surrounded him saying how great to see you again, giving him hugs and the whole enchilada, while I kept just off stage watching his reaction. He was pretty cool, trying to remember what trip or where he knew them from, being old friends and all to this group of five ladies, acting as if yes, I might just remember you. We all had a good laugh after I showed myself. I better keep an eye out for he will definitely try to get me back.

The team did great today on the hike. We are all well and having a fun time.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

Chair lift ride in the Cheget Ski Area. Photo: Mark Tucker Descending views in the Cheget Ski Area. Photo: Mark Tucker

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Chair lift? Now that’s the way to “climb” a mountain! Like to see the dismount from said lift with pack. Does my heart good to see Lucy’s hair still perfect after 4 days in Russia and Sasha in her colorful gear. Fully expect Laura to be in green. Mark has just tapped the potential for humor for this group. He has no idea. Love to you all

Posted by: Kathryn LeBey on 7/6/2013 at 3:58 am

ambushed by five attractive ladies, not a bad joke

Posted by: John on 7/5/2013 at 12:34 pm

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