Ecuador: Walter & Team Head Toward Chimborazo

Posted by: Mike Walter | July 13, 2013
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After a relaxing stay at Hosteria La Cienega, we’re travelling south towards our next climbing destination, Chimborazo. At 6,310 meters, Chimborazo is the highest peak in Ecuador and higher than any peak north of it in the Americas. Due to the earth’s equatorial bulge, Chimborazo also holds the distinction of being the point on the earth that’s closest to the sun, and the point furthest from the center of the earth.  Chimborazo will definitely test this team’s mettle over the next few days of climbing.
We will head out tomorrow morning and establish a camp high on the flanks of Chimborazo. We plan to climb on Monday morning and return to camp that same night. We call in to let you know how our climb goes. But tonight we’re resting in beds again in the beautiful lodge, Estrella de Chimborazo, with great views of the mountain.


RMI Guide Mike Walter

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Enjoy every minute. Stay safe and know we are all thinking of you. Joan

Posted by: Joan on 7/14/2013 at 2:30 pm

anxiously awaiting an update and wishing you all the best

Posted by: Paula Hall on 7/14/2013 at 5:59 am

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