Mt. Kilimanjaro: Tucker & Team Reach High Camp

Posted by: Mark Tucker | July 20, 2013
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Elevation: 15,000'

Mark Tucker checking in from Barafu Camp. We are at the lower camp at about 15,000’ just under the southeast edge of the Kilimanjaro Summit.  We have the jungle below and the top of the mountain above and a team that is rip-roaring and ready!

We put on a couple of miles today from the Karanga camp. The upper mountain is a bleak zone, but quite beautiful in its own way.  We’re going to have a quick dinner and crawl into the tents for about five hours of rest to get us ready for an early a.m. departure.  I am happy to report that we are 100% go power with this team. Everybody is getting pretty excited and doing really well.  A couple of minor headaches but the overall health and well-being is very very good. We are ready the weather is cooperating we had to puffy clouds in the afternoon not unusual. Last night was beautiful so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we have one of the same.  We have a pretty bright moon illuminating our trip so we are in pretty good shape.

Talk to you later,

RMI Guide Mark Tucker & Team

Barafu Camp at night - RMI Photo Collection

Mark Tucker Checking in from Barafu Camp

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