Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Set Out to Explore Moscow

Posted by: Casey Grom | July 21, 2013
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The team had a wonderful day here in Moscow. After a night of much needed sleep, the team set out and explored the city on foot. Not far from our hotel is the famous Red Square, Kremlin and GUM (sort of a super mall for the elite). Most team members did a little adventuring on their own in the morning, then met up later for a guided tour of the Kremlin. We spent a little over four hours visiting the beautiful grounds, and many churches that exist within the compound.

It was a really enjoyable day for all even though there was a bit of rain here today. We finished the day off with another great meal at a local cafe where we communicated with lots of finger pointing at the menu and plenty of smiles.

Everyone is doing great and looking forward to heading to the mountains tomorrow.

RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

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