Ecuador Volcanoes: Team Takes Acclimatization Hike

Posted by: Casey Grom, Solveig Waterfall | December 13, 2013
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Hi Everyone!
We are enjoying a relaxing evening here at the beautiful La Casa Sol near the city of Otavalo.
We left the comforts of Quito this morning and headed into the mountains (where many of us actually feel more comfortable!) for our second acclimatization hike. As we watched the city disappear in the rear view mirror we traded well paved roads for cobblestones and washboard.  The van bumped along, and our driver skillfully negotiated the hazards of rural driving… while we all fought the urge to hold our breath and cross our fingers.  Maybe we should have, because our luck soon ran out and Friday the 13th delivered us a logistical sucker punch. 
With a loud crack, our vehicle let us know it was done going uphill for the day.  A dislodged cobblestone had broken the axel and stopped us, quite suddenly, in our tracks. 
Fortunately, our group has the perfect easy going attitude, and after getting the baggage and van transfer sorted out, we shouldered our daypacks and set off for some slightly more oxygenated exercise.  Nearly three hours and five miles later we arrived at the trailhead! 
One of our local guides, Esteban (nicknamed Topo), had been busy reorganizing our logistics while we strolled, and he and a few others arrived to our rescue shortly thereafter in shining Toyota Hilux’s.
Delivered safely to our hacienda we enjoyed a delicious dinner and are now all busy packing our gear and getting organized and prepared to tackle our first big objective. Wish us luck as we travel towards Cayambe tomorrow!

RMI Guide Solveig Waterfall

Lots to see at the Otavalo Market. Photo: Casey Grom The Ecuador Volcanoes Expedition at dinner. Photo: Casey Grom

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