Ecuador Seminar: Knoff & Team Enjoy Otavalo Market on Their Way to Cayambe

Posted by: Adam Knoff, Nick Hunt | January 12, 2014
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Elevation: 15,300'

Today was a travel day, leaving Otavalo behind and heading up to our basecamp on Cayambe. We kicked the day off with another excellent breakfast at our hacienda before checking out and heading to the Otavalo street market. What an experience that was! Colorful textiles, aromatic foods, and handcrafted arts filled the crowded aisles, stretching as far as the eye could see. After loading up on souvenirs, we piled back into the “magic bus” (so named because of its wifi hotspot and epic Journey soundtrack) and headed up the dirt roads to Cayambe.

After passing a tourist bus stuck in the mud and waiting patiently for a large herd of cows to move out of the road, we pulled over about an hour’s walk below the huts. There we left the bus behind and transitioned to walking the rest of the way, giving us one last chance to stretch our legs.

We met Diego, one of our local guides, at our hut and promptly moved in to our new abode. This hut redefines the alpine camping experience! Fireplace, fully stocked kitchen, dining hall… It was glamorous indeed! A home-cooked lasagna dinner and high-stakes board game rounded out the night.

Tonight we’ll rest and head uphill tomorrow morning for a day of mountaineering skills practice. It’s gettin’ real!

RMI Guide Nick Hunt

Otavalo Market. Photo: RMI Collection

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