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Aconcagua: Justman & Team Summit!

Update 1:45 pm PST:
Our team has safely returned back to high camp. The snow has returned.  We are nestled in our tents drinking and eating.  We are tired.

[Summit phone call transcribed]
Hey everyone, this is JJ Justman with the Aconcagua Team.  We’re happy to announce that we are on the summit of South America’s highest peak, Aconcagua!  It was an interesting day. It started out cold and windy. It was a hard day to get started but at the end of the day, the sun is shining. The clouds are now starting to build a little bit, but it turned out to be a fairly decent day.  Definitely a tough day to get on top of South America’s highest speak. Everyone says hello.  Big thing now is to head on down.  We had a good, safe climb. We’re gonna have a safe descent.  But again, everyone says hello and thanks again for following along and giving us your best wishes for a safe and successful climb.  That’s exactly what we had today was a really decent weather day, a safe climb.  Thanks again everyone.  We’ll touch base when we get further down the mountain, but everyone is doing real well. Take care, good-bye for now from the the top of the Western Hemisphere.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

RMI Guide JJ Justman from the Aconcagua summit!

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Comments (19)

Congratulations team!  It sounds like everyone had a new “personal best” in just relentlessly tough weather conditions.  You should all be proud of your journey and perseverance! Randy C you are amazing and we miss you!  Now time to skip down that mountain and come back to little Delaware.  If you see a gondola hop on it and come on home!
Love Judy
ps.  Roxy is waiting for you on the couch!

Posted by: judy Christofferson on

Denise Mamason! Oh my gosh i am exhausted. I partied all night in celebration of your magnificent feet! you guys rock! Safe trip down! Yahoo! I am with Josh. Definitely recommend skiing or sleigh riding back down. So very proud of you! The family of mountain tamers! Give your bro and sis a big hug for me. So proud of you. Cutter dog is too!
Mary Fox

Posted by: Mary Fox on

Congratulations on the summit and have a safe descent on the way down.  Please take a picture of those wierd snow/ice shards/sculptures that you may encounter on the way down! Drink that water!

Posted by: Bonnie on

Steve and team,

Congrats on summiting on what proved to be a challenging climb. Best of luck on the descent and look forward to hearing everyone is in Mendoza safe and sound.

Hike well and be safe.


Posted by: Bill Gately on

Congrat’s Randy can’t wait to see the pictures.  Your one Tuff Norwegian.  Glad you are on your way down and on your way home to your big SSS party.  Sunday, Superbowl, “SUMMIT”.  I will be there in spirit to help you celebrate.  Thanks to Judy for all the updates and support. Congrat’s to all your teammates .  Love Mom

Posted by: Darlene Christofferson on

Congratulations Lew Smith! No ear infections on this one!!
Dustin D.

Posted by: Dustin on

Congratulations JJ & team 6, well done! Enjoy your rest this evening!

Posted by: Ken on

Great job Randy O.  Many stories for you to tell and us to hear.  See you soon. Your friend Mark.

Posted by: mark eason on

Hi Randy Diane and Denise and Gang,
We were happy to hear your voices last week. We are
very happy that the group made the top.We are doing
ok here. Pam has helped us alot. Hope you have a safe
trip down. Talk to you at the bottom.
    Love Dad and Mom

Posted by: Mom and Dad on

Way to go! Been following your journey. Now Dave said they get to come down by sled, right? Weeeeee!

Posted by: Dave and Tracey Drouillard on

Woohoo - what an accomplishment! Keep safe on the way down. Then let the party begin!!!!

Posted by: Ginny Jackson on

Congrats to all!!

Posted by: Gary, Alec and Nikki on

Congratulations to my 3 cousins, Randy, Diane and Denise! You guys are awesome! Hope you have a safe trip back!


Posted by: Deb Gefre on

Way to go !!!! Knew everyone could do it if the weather Gods were in your favor.
Word is spreading rapidly here in Carleton. So proud of all the Oleynik’s ! Come home safe.

Posted by: Pam on

JJ, Congrats to you and your team on reaching the summit!!  Be safe on the way down. Great to catch up with you at Camp II in December.

-Nicholas from Bozeman

Posted by: Nicholas on

Congrats to the entire team and to LEW!!
So excited for you.  Get home safe and the PARTY will begin!  And hey, you are over 8000 feet higher than Mt Rainier.  Just guessing but I bet you did the last 100 yards on your hands.  ;)  Word is now spreading here in Missouri that you made the top!

Posted by: Kenny on

That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic News!!!!
Now strap on the skis and come down the quick way :)

Posted by: Josh Barnes on

WOO HOO!!!  YES!!!  CONGRATULATIONS, DAD (LEW SMITH)!!!!  CONGRATS TO THE GUIDES AND THE TEAM!!!  WELL DONE!!!  Oh dad, I’m so happy for you and the team! You got to the top!!!  So awesome, so happy for you!  Just get back down safely and smartly and we can’t wait to hear about everythign when you return to St. Louis.  We are soooo very proud of this amazing achievment.  We love you so much!!!  Congratulations again!!! 


Kyle and Stephanie

Posted by: Kyle A. Smith on

I am so proud of you Randy and so would Dad have been and I am sure he is looking down on you.  I know you had to dig deep to do this and I am once again amazed at your drive to accomplish what ever you set out to do.  I love you Mom

Posted by: Darlene Christofferson on

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