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Mt. Everest: Rest Day for the Team at Everest Base Camp

Today was a well-timed rest day. Following our recent daily pattern, it was sunny and calm in the morning and snowing and socked in by noon. The team took the chance to wash up and get clean during the sunny hours, and then hunkered down within the tents for the afternoon. The much talked about Everest Basecamp WiFi hotspots and 3G cell coverage have both been dysfunctional in the extreme of late, bringing the teams back virtually to the 1990's in terms of connectivity... roughing it. Yesterday was a very popular day for Puja ceremonies and so the drab moraine rubble we call home was transformed by a vast spiderweb of interconnected colorful prayer flags streaming from the numerous chortens. Tomorrow, our Sherpa team is geared up for a carry to Camp II while the climbers have a conditioning hike to Kalapathar in mind. Best Regards, RMI Guide Dave Hahn

Comments (8)

Luv You!  Take care we are with you everyday and are so proud of you.  Go for it Nicole and team!!!

Posted by: Mimi on

Nicole Lobiondo: Sounds like a great day of rest. I am sure you are seeing many amazing things and views. Big hug!!! Nicole

Posted by: Nicole Howard on

Fatima, hope you’re making the most of that well earned rest day. Sounds like hard work up the ice fall but you must be getting well acclimatized by now so I hope you are still feeling strong. missing you, Peter

Posted by: Peter Williamson on

To Dave Hahn,
I met you at the Kathmandu airport while we were waiting for our flights to Lukla (you may remember).

Unfortunately four days after summitting Mera I was rescued due to illness.  While I was transferring helicopters at Lukla I met Apa Sherpa in the tea house/waiting room thing at the terminal.

Despite my trip coming to a premature end, I’ve been pretty lucky (and privileged) to meet you both yourself and Apa Sherpa.

I hope you and your team have success, and please stay safe.


Posted by: Amanda Miles on

Spencer, Trenton and I are having fun tracking you! Sounds like quit an adventure. Have fun, Tiffany Lanfre Mickley

Posted by: Tiffany on

Hao: Good to hear everyone is doing well. Really hope wifi/cell coverage can be restored soon at the Base Camp, so that are back to the 21st century. Happy climbing! -FX

Posted by: FX on

Spencer, I want you to know I think of you and your team daily. You all are experiencing things most of the world can only read about. Stay focused, centered, and well. Love, Auntie Vicki

Posted by: Vicki Pipkin on

James and Team,
Thinking of you getting well organized team training on ice. Keep warm heart and peaceful mind. Stay safe… Cheers!!!
Love, SC

Posted by: Soonja Choo on

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