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Mt. Everest: Update 4-18-14

April 17th - 11:20 pm Pacific Time

RMI Guide and Everest Base Camp Manager Mark Tucker reports that RMI climbers, Sherpa and guides are safe at Everest Base Camp.  Around 7 am local time on April 18th an avalanche occured below the West Shoulder continuing down into the Khumbu Ice Fall.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the teams on Mt. Everest.

Comments (36)

So happy you guys are all safe! Miss ya kare, I am so glad you are safe!!! Praying for the families of the Fallen Sherpa and for your continued safety.

Posted by: Farah Hedwig on

Hi, Nicole! So relieved to hear you and your team are safe. Our prayers are with you all. Your dad is with me. He says “Be careful, we want you home safe. We love you and am proud of you!” xoxoxoxoxoxox
Dad and Patti Cakes

Posted by: Patti Tebo on

Glad to hear that all of the RMI team is safe.  Prayers out to the individuals caught in the avalanche, as well as their family/friends.

Posted by: Greg on

Billy & team, Glad to hear you and the RMI team are ok.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone up there.  Jean & Rich

Posted by: Jean on

Dear Mark:
I immediately thought of you and yours upon hearing the news. I am relieved to know that everyone is safe. My deepest condolences to those families whom have lost their loved ones.

Sincerely, Jeannette (A Private Studio of Dance)

Posted by: Jen Rich on


Nathan A called this am. He contacted US Embassy in Napal and found out no American is in danger. We were happy to hear from him doing well too. Yeawon in Germany called to hear about your situation on high mountain. Take care. Love, SC

Posted by: Soonja Choo on

Nicole LoBiondo: It’s so good to hear you’re safe! So proud of you and I can’t wait till you’re back home so I can hear all the amazing stories you’ll have. I’m always bragging about how cool my friend/boss is. Thinking about you always, love sammy b

Posted by: Sam Borneman on

Spencer, so sorry i missed your call i was in the shower, now i have tried 50 times to call back that number and it wont go through!!! So relieved you are okay, i know you will crush it. Love you! CJ

Posted by: CJ Pipkin on

Nicole Lobiondo: So thrilled to hear you are all safe. Always in my thoughts and prayers, cheering you on! Love, Nicole H.

Posted by: Nicole Howard on

Know that the family and I are praying hard, for you, your team, your sherpas, and those lost. The girls ask about you all the time, Charlee Bear being the most concerned. She knows you’re strong and a little bit crazy, which she understands is what drives your focus and safety. We love you and are keeping a close watch. Stay safe Wease, we need further discussion on your inner arm.
Keep trucking RMI, you’re going to do great.  Love you- Weda

Posted by: Lisa Bennett on

Stay safe up there…be focused! 

Love from home.


Posted by: Deke on

JJ, I just saw the news.  I am praying for you guys… so glad you and the team are ok. 
Be safe.  See you in a couple months.

Posted by: Joshua Knight on

We’re so glad to hear you’re ok. Come home quick so we can hug your neck.

Posted by: John and Julianna Texada on


So good to hear your voice this morning. I really appreciate the call. So relieved you are doing well despite the avalanche. Miss you buddy can’t wait until your home. Love you brother.

Posted by: Danny on

Thoughts and energy to all on Everest.  Condolences to the families and friends of those lost.  JJ-the team is very lucky to have you leading, glad all are safe.  With prayers, Phil

Posted by: Phil Goss on

Jeff (JJ) I was so relieve to hear you and your team are safe.  We are thinking about you here in tame hills of Connecticut… safe travels and adventures Cuz!

Posted by: Daniel Mond on

JJ and team-
I am so grateful you are all safe! My heart stopped when I saw the headlines this morning. I went directly to the blog and THANK YOU GOD!
My prayers are with you, the team, and loved ones.

Posted by: Laura Gallimore on

Kara, I am getting your texts! Please keep sending so we know you’re OK.  Miss you! Love, Mo

Posted by: Monica on

Great to hear your strong voice and to know everyone is well. Watched local and MBC news this am, and CNN coverage earlier. Your uncle, Saudi, called to let you know his best wishes. All is well here. Trust that all of you take precautionary measures for safety. Stay well. We miss you. Love, SC

Posted by: Soonja Choo on

Glad you are okay, James!  The girls say hi.

Posted by: Jonathan on

Kara, So relieved to hear you are all OK. We’re thinking of all of you and sending our thoughts and prayers to families of those lost.  Take care of each other. Safe journey.
Love, Mo

Posted by: monica on

Glad to hear the RMI team is safe.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.  Take care of each other. To the Sherpa and their families, my condolences.

Posted by: Josh Jones on


Your team from Rainier is cheering you on.  Please be safe you and the rest of the team.

Posted by: Mike Q on

my thoughts are with the families of missing.
Good luck guys in achieving your dream.

Posted by: Pascal on

OMG….so happy to hear all are safe!!  Fatima and JJ, we are thinking about you!!!

Posted by: debbi on

Hi Nicole, thinking about you and hoping for your safe return home!

Posted by: monica on

Relieved to hear that you and your team are safe, thank God! Please be careful. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your team and for everyone at Everest. KAB

Posted by: Kendra on

Thoughts and prayers are with all of you and the teams on the mountain! - FX

Posted by: FX on

Hi nic, so thankful to hear you are ok! Please please please be careful! Can’t wait to have a glass of wine with you while eating chips, chocolate, that cereal you bring the kids love and of course blueberries! Sending warm kisses!

Posted by: Taddeo on

JJ - Good Luck on your climb and stay safe.

Posted by: Jeff Hall on

Jeff (JJ) praying you are safe and continue to stay safe. Will feel better when I hear from you. All this tv crews.. Constantly advertising some guy is jumping off Everest live on TV… Not so smart. Can’t wait to hear from you we are going to SC if you try calling. Love you

Posted by: Jodi Justman on

Billy, so happy to hear you and your team are safe. We all look forward to the day you return to US soil an we can hear about your adventure. In the meantime, stay safe. We have many prayers headed your way for a successful and safe climb. Love you!

Posted by: Laura on

So happy to hear your voice and know that you are safe.  Reading the blog daily to follow your adventure.  Stay healthy and safe! We love and miss you!

Posted by: Susan, Peter, Jackson and Audrey on

Thank God you are all safe.  Thank you for letting us know!  Will keep praying for the others.

Posted by: Susan Roberts on

Nicole and team so relieved to hear everyone is ok. Stay safe. Got a pedicure yesterday….was Ionely not having you sipping your coffee in the chair next to me. Perry says hi and was impressed and shocked when I told him where you are. Love you and miss you. Lisa

Posted by: Lisa on

We are all praising God that you are okay,Dr. Choo. We MISS YOU!!! Enjoy, but come home safe and sound!!! We are all praying for you daily—-know you are dearly LOVED!!! Alana and your ASC

Posted by: PCET ASC Ladies on

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