Alaska Seminar: Davis & Team Attempt Kahiltna Dome

Posted by: Leon Davis, Eric Frank | May 13, 2014
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Elevation: 8,700'

Hi everyone!

Well today we went for Kahiltna Dome and we got higher than any other RMI seminar in recent history. Soft snow and punchy crevasse bridges put a halt on our upward progress close to 11,000 feet. Despite the early start, temperatures never allowed the snow to freeze solid enough to prevent us from dropping into the many cracks that guard the ridge.  The guides put the question to our seminar participants about whether it was safe to continue and the entire team made some very rational common sense arguments on the decision to turn back.  We do believe these folks are starting to understand their limits while making good decisions, as we hoped this seminar would help impart!

We are safe and happy back at 8700’ camp hoping to fly off tomorrow if the forecasted snow does not interfere.

Good night and see you all soon!

RMI Guides Leon Davis and Eric Frank

An RMI Alaska Seminar traveling the glacier. Photo: Kel Rossiter An RMI Alaska Seminar headed uphill on a beautiful day. Photo: Kel Rossiter

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