Alaska Seminar: Davis & Team Back in Talkeetna

Posted by: Leon Davis, Eric Frank | May 13, 2014
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Greetings from Talkeetna!

So we made it off the glacier just in time!  This morning we woke at 3:30 am to start the 5.5-mile walk back to basecamp. The forecasted storm was slowly creeping in from the southwest and as we walked down glacier in the twilight, clouds came spilling over Mt. Foraker, threatening to shut down visibility. At 11:30 we could hear the mosquito hum of K2’s Otter as Randy flew in just below the cloud ceiling and set the plane down on the runway. Forty-five minutes later we were in sandals and t-shirts in downtown Talkeetna enjoying the warm air and flowering fauna. It has been an excellent experience for our folks. As we dry our gear on the lawn, everyone is quietly reflecting on the last six days spent in the Alaska range.

RMI Guide Leon Davis

After six days on the glacier, the team dries out their gear in the K2 lawn. Photo: Leon Davis

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