Ecuador Volcanoes: Walter & Team Acclimate on Cerro Fuya Fuya

Posted by: Mike Walter | June 20, 2014
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Elevation: 13,986'

After a couple of nice days in Quito, our team packed up early this morning and left the city life for more rural flavors. We traveled north a few hours from Quito to the beautiful mountain lakes of Lagunas Monjanda and went for a great acclimatization hike up Fuya Fuya.

The hike consisted of a steep trail through high altitude Andean grassland, or “paramo”, followed by a rock scramble to the summit…with great views of beautiful lakes below us.  Everyone climbed really well as we made short work of the 14,000’-plus peak.

Now we’re resting at the tranquilo Casa Sol, watching Ecuador play Honduras in the World Cup. Buena suerte Ecuador!

RMI Guide Mike Walter

Road to Cerro Fuya Fuya, Ecuador. Photo: Jake Beren An RMI Team acclimatizing on Fuya Fuya in Ecuador. Photo: Casey Grom

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