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Mt. Kilimanjaro: Team Reaches High Camp

Another fine day on Kilimanjaro’s trails has led us to high camp.  The name of this camp is Barafu which translates to ‘ice’.  So you can tell it is not always the warmest spot.  True enough, we have been getting some ice pellets or graupel hitting the tents since we arrived.  Hopefully we’ll have the normal evening clearing and a nice climb tonight.

The team members are all in our respective tents sorting gear and relaxing before we head out.  Our crew just prepared a delicious lunch of hamburgers and macaroni salad.  Perfect for the physical effort that awaits us.

Our plan is to get up at midnight and get on the trail by 1 AM.  It should take us somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 hours to reach the top.

Wish us luck!

RMI Guide Seth Waterfall

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Comments (12)

hello team, it is 10:44 in New York. Thinking about 6:30 where you all are. We are all so incredibly proud of all of you! summit or not. You all rock!! congrats on a great journey!!! xxoo lizzie , thomas, kit and mary :-)

Posted by: liz Blaney on

Be careful dad! Your 75 and you promised me if it was too much you would turn back.  I would rather have you return home safely rather than lose you proving yourself on one of your adventures.  Are we still on for running with the bulls in Spain next year?

Posted by: Roger Rathburn Jr. on

Go Team Seth!  I’m really pumped to see Bridget and Roger summit.  A 17 year old and a 75 year old.  That would be pretty darned cool.  Liz, what a gift to watch your husband and daughter experience this awesome accomplishment together.    Half way there!!!

Posted by: Rusty on

Stay strong and you all will see the top together! So excited for you all and look forward to seeing the pictures! Be safe! Much love.

Posted by: Tricia Blaney on

Go for it Bridget, Kevin, and team! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures and successes!!!!! Love AM, Tricia, and Chara

Posted by: Annmarie on

20 minues until take off.  Best of luck to all!

Posted by: Rusty on

I feel the excitement with you—GO TEAM! I can’t wait to see the photos tomorrow. They will be spectacular I am sure.

Posted by: Robyn on

Sunday, summit, sunrise,and success- go team. Stay warm and I hope the view at the top is spectacular Good luck to all. Roger you proved us all wrong. Be proud!  CB

Posted by: Cam on

Can’t wait to see the pictures of everyone on the TOP of the mountain! Be strong, be determined, keep smiling!

Posted by: Marcy on

Looking good!!  We’re all so proud of you. Get a good night’s rest so we can give you a 21-GUN salute when you reach the summit.

Posted by: The Osborne Family on

GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE TEAM MEMBERS!!!! We are so excited for you all!
Kevin and Bridget, this is the moment you’ve been training so hard for. Enjoy every second. It looks like you have been having such an amazing time. We love you!!!! Lizzie, Thomas, Kit and Mary ps. Send pictures!!

Posted by: liz Blaney on

Thanks for the update Seth.  We wiill all be thinking of you all and cheering you on this evening.  Very much hoping that Roger is hanging in there.  Let’s all crush it tonight!!!

Posted by: Rusty on

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