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Mt. Everest Expedition: Team Flown from Camp One to Base Camp

April 26, 2015 9:23 pm PT RMI Guide and Base Camp Manager Mark Tucker just called to confirm our team is safely back at Everest Base Camp. We have not yet spoken with Dave, but wanted to pass this information along as soon as possible. We will update when we know more about the team's plan to descend from Base Camp. Jeff Martin

Comments (20)

Thank God you were rescued. I know you’ll continue to help the people around you any way you can. It’s no mistake you’re there.
Sue Hladik

Posted by: Sue Hladik on

JJ so glad you are safely back and the team.


Posted by: Joann beaver on

JJ, it’s terrific news indeed that y’all made it back to Base Camp so swiftly! Please accept our best wishes for a safe passage home to the States. Sincerely, Jeff & Charles

Posted by: Jeff Twining on

We are all glad to hear the news of your safe return to base camp and hope that the next parts of your journey go well. Thinking of you, Peter, and all of the RMI team as well as the others there and in the region.  Sending good wishes and thoughts your way and look forward to seeing you soon!!!

Posted by: Courtney, Carl, Amelia and Sabrina on

So glad you and your team are safe.  Take Good Care.

Posted by: dorie hagler on

Dave, We love you and are thinking of you. All good wishes and positive energy being sent your way from everyone in Taos. Be well. Be safe. See you soon.

Posted by: Rick and Teri in Taos on

very much relived to hear. RMI team safely down to BC.Thanks to Almighty God ,Dave,JJ, MT, Everest Team and RMI. God Bless to All.

Posted by: sarvan on

Glad everyone is safely back at BC!!must be chaotic at BC. Getting back home may prove to be harder than everything ya all have been through thus far. Anxious for impressions from BC. Rooting for you all, wish I was there to help. Feeling helpless here in the states! Are there any relief organizations I could look into for volunteering? Want to help the people of Nepal, can’t do much from the states other than give money.seems like there’s much work to be done from a humanitarian stand point! kraig kempt

Posted by: kraig kempt on

Very happy to hear
Thanks Dave & all RMI team manage all the things safely
Tilak Pandey

Posted by: Tilak on

Good news. Many thanks.

Posted by: Guenter on

Awesome news!! Positive energy and prayers as you continue your journey.

Posted by: Linda Creedon on

So glad you are all safe, of course is an understatement.  Godspeed on your journey from base camp to Khatmandu to home.

Posted by: Bonny Rogers on

Wonderful news! Keeping all affected in my thoughts and prayers.❤️

Posted by: Lucia on


Posted by: Bill McGahan on

Dave, JJ & Team:  So glad to hear you guys have been safely returned to BC.  I know your work is just beginning and survival will be the challenge.  Please keep us posted on your journey.  I know BC must be heartbreaking and Kat sounds like a place call hell. Thoughts & prayers are with all.

Posted by: Mary on

Happy to know RMI team is safely evacuated from Camp I.  Stay as safe as you can until you can return home.

Posted by: Lynn on

Glad you are back down safe. Best to you, JJ, and the rest of the team(s). I am in contact with my friends at The Mountain Company, Nepal Sanctuary Treks and the Love Hope Strength Foundation, as we work on ways to help from here and raise money for those affected by these terrible events.

Posted by: Everett Moran on

Great news, Dave & crew.  BC must be a horrific sight to experience as will Kathmandu.  Taos very relieved.

Posted by: Chuck Roberts on




Posted by: madhvi balani on

Very happy to hear Dave and RMI Team made it safely down to
Base Camp. God Bless All.
Robb Fickman

Posted by: Robb Fickman on

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