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Mt. Everest Expedition: Dave Hahn Checks in from Camp one

Dave Hahn calling from Camp One on Mount Everest 20,000'. That was a day of waiting and watching for us. The weather improved a little bit, this morning it was sunny and clear. And couple of helicopter and courageous helicopter pilots made use of that time flying out from sick and hurt people from Camp Two to Camp One. But the big work that they did was trip after trip flying casualties out from Base Camp. We followed some of that on the radio. Our efforts to get our selves out of here, two of our Sherpa team Wingen and Sunam, made a valiant effort coming up from the bottom of the Ice Fall, to see how far they could get before the damage of the earth quake stopped them. They got about a third of the way. Additionally, we were part of supporting a team, coming down from the top trying to do the same thing. They probably got about a third of the way down, luckily both teams, got out safely. There was a massive aftershock this afternoon at about 1 o'clock local time. But it seemed almost as powerful as yesterdays quake. And we are worried, as everybody is, about putting people in the Ice Fall again. That is probably not going to be our exit plan. And now we are looking to helicopter out in the next day or two to get down to Base Camp. And that probably will be what we do, but the timing is still up to mother nature. If it keeps on snowing as it did this afternoon, and making flying impossible. But perhaps we'll keep you updated. We'll let you know how it goes. We are safe. We are in a good spot. And we are not in panic mode. Thank you. RMI Guide Dave Hahn

RMI Guide Dave Hahn calls in from Camp One with an update.

Comments (52)

Hi Dave! Praying for you and everyone else on Mount Everest and the people of Nepal.. Safe descent.

Posted by: Jean Tanner on

Where is the rest of the blog that was there a few days ago. It had a lot of detail that I would like to read again.

Posted by: Greg on

prayers of safe return….thinking of you and your compadres. Blessings Dave.
Susan Eichner from Taos and Santa Fe.

Posted by: Susan Eichner on

Dave - so glad to hear you & your team are safe. I’m a producer for ABC News and we are dedicating extensive coverage to the earthquake/avalanche.  Any way you or someone from your team is able to get in touch with me? Would love to talk to you about what happened.  Many thanks.  Take care and stay safe!

Posted by: Mi Seon Lee on

Be well, Dave. I know your team is in excellent hands.

Posted by: Amanda Onion on

Dave….good to hear u r ok…..looting forward to your safe return to your home in Taos….your team is in the best of hands…yours!  Lord b W/U

Posted by: Wolf on

Incredibly relived that Dave and team are well. Keeping you guys in my thoughts during your return

Posted by: Kyle Morden on

Peter R. So glad you are safe.  Sending all your team my prayers and thoughts. Suzy Kelly.

Posted by: Suzy Kelly on

RMI Team
Stay positive and come home
Peter R we are sending you love from Colorado

Posted by: Marcia Weese on

Utmost of confidence in you and your team.

Posted by: Beth Beadling on

All your years of training and experience will guide you and your team to safety. You’ve got this. You are all and those effected by this disaster are in our thoughts and prayers. Godspeed, Dave. KHS Class of 1979

Posted by: Lynne Murphy on

Bravo.God bless.

Posted by: tapan on

Thanks for the daily update. I know everyone on the team has the courage and the tenacity to see it through. Sending you love and praying for good weather and conditions, and everyone’s safe return.

Posted by: FX on

Praying for your safety and all of those on the mountain and around Nepal.  Know you are dealing with extremely difficult situation and don’t have much time, energy or battery power to blog.  Just know how many people are praying for you all.

Posted by: Susan on

Dave, Praying for your safe return and for all peoples of Nepal.  We were on an Antarctica trip with you when our ship the Polar Star hit a rock at South Georgia in 2004.  Bob & Jean Ann LeGrand San Angelo, Texas

Posted by: Bob & Jean Ann LeGrand on

Dave,like to thank you for last two updates,helping me to become more calm at those hard days while being worried about safe travel back of friend Hans.
Wishing all climbers, yourself and your team good luck and all the best.

Posted by: Guenter Fischer on

I thought your were probably up and worried. So glad to find this blog and that you’re well. The Utah 2012 Antarctic contingent is thinking of you and following the blog. Thanks so much. Take care.

Posted by: Patty Corneli on

Dave- so glad to be able to listen to your voice via this blog…. Being able to hear your calm voice is reassuring.  Many people around the World are praying for your safety and the safety of the others.  Looking forward to hearing that this is over and all is well.

Barbara Mick Ficklin
KHS Class of 79

Posted by: Barbara Mick Ficklin on

So good to hear that Larry and the team are all uninjured. Hope you’re keeping warm up above the icefall. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by: Tom Falvo on

You guys be careful up there. By the looks of the photo’s in Katmandu…it c/b weeks before you can get out of there. Nice to hear Larry is safe.

Posted by: Bissell Smith on

So relieved to know you’re all well! Please tell Nicole LoBiondo that Carlos Harrison has been scouring Twitter and all media for word, and sends his very, very best wishes. Hope to see all of you on lower ground soon.

Please keep the updates coming!

Posted by: Carlos Harrison on

Thankful you guys are safe and busy finding a new route down. As a previous post said, if anyone can get their team down safely, it’s Dave Hahn (although that can be said about anyone RMI hires…). We’re keeping everyone on Everest and in Nepal in our prayers. Safe travels home.

Posted by: Ric Walters on

Stay safe you guys. Couldn’t be in better hands then with JJ and Dave and the entire RMI team. Thank you for the updates.

Posted by: Todd Hayes on

Please let the Summit Climb team and Dan Muzur up there with you at Camp 1 that we are thinking of everyone’s safe return soon, and grieving for the deceased and thief families.

Posted by: Bob Schramm on

All of us from Casey Grom’s RMI Base Camp team are thinking of you, wishing and willing your safe passage down. Be safe!

Posted by: Perry Burns on

prayers for your safe return, along with prayers for everyone affected by this! (Class of 79)

Posted by: Elizabeth Worth (Kaman) on

Thinking of you Larry and everyone else on the mountain. Glad to hear you are safe. Continued good thoughts for you and your team to make it back safely.

Posted by: Doris Diel on

Dave, JJ and Peter
Relieved to know that you’re safe in Camp 1. Good luck and be safe.  My thoughts and prayers are with you!  John Mac

Posted by: John Macfarlane on

Thinking of each and every soul on the mountain. Hoping for clear, calm sky’s your way! Thanks for the updates!

Posted by: Lynn Houts on

Our thoughts and prayers for the safety of the team and all of the people affected by the earthquake.

Posted by: Pamela Holt on

Glad that you are able to post updates.  We hope & pray for your well being & for a safe return for everyone involved.

Posted by: Suzanne Delaney on

You are in our thoughts and prayers Dave. Come back safely.

Posted by: Bob Schmedake on

If anyone on that mountain is going to get his people down safely -it’s Dave Hahn.

Good Luck Dave -

Posted by: Brian on

Hang tight, gang——we’re praying for u all and the people of Nepal. Larry, let us know ur ok, man.

Posted by: Ben Alvarez on

Really great get these check ins . Be Safe and thank you for updates

Posted by: Jim Lombardi on

Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe return.

Posted by: Nancy Mancuso on

The team is in the best hands. Continued prayers for you and the great people of Nepal.

Posted by: Bill McGahan on

Delighted to read your blog. Glad you re all safe. Prayers that you get out of there soon & safely!

Posted by: Marnie Hensel on

Sending every positive vibe I have and more. So glad you are all ok.

Posted by: Whitney on

Thanks so much Dave for the update! Your updates are a life safer as our relative Hemanshu Parwani (HP) is with you all. I know you’ve limited batteries however would greatly appreciate if you or anyone in the Camp could keep us updated on your and entire RMI’s team well being a little frequently given so many aftershocks and ever changing weather via tweets or any communication medium. We’re literally sitting on the edge praying for you all and anxiously waiting to hear from you.

Posted by: Simple on

Good to know you are all safe. Patience will prevail until Mother Nature cooperates. Be safe. Wishing for safe trip home for you all and prayers for all who lost loved ones.

Posted by: Harry Saxe on

I wish for all of you to return back safely.  I prey to good that you all come back, thanks for posting so quickly.  But still we are worried, until you return back. 

God helped you no doubt.

Madhvi Balani

Posted by: Madhvi Balani on

Trying to locate a 28 year old man named David Rhein.  We now have a better idea of where David Rhein may be. According to the bus company, he arrived safely in Besisahar, so he is likely in a jeep somewhere between Besisahar and Chame or somewhere in Chame. We are told this region has limited communication avenues to begin with, so we remain hopeful that David is okay but just has not been able to find a way to let us know, yet. Facebook is amazing - all the information we have gained about David’s whereabouts has been through connections to David’s most recently added Facebook friends who are also in Nepal. And information about the region and connections to many local Nepali friends of friends or family of friends has come through you all - thank you!!

Posted by: Deborah Donaldson on

Indian and Nepalese armed forces are doing their best. Mother nature had not been kind so far. Hope tomorrow brings better news.

Our prayers are with you.

Posted by: Punit on

Your team is in the best of hands.
Safe descent to all.

Posted by: jurjen on

All of your friends are keeping up with the news and are wishing you safe. We know you will keep all that are with you safe. It is hard not to worry but I have all the faith in the world in you. Abigail and I look forward to buying you a margarita in Taos.

Posted by: kathe hayes on

Praying for All of you to return safely, hang in there!!
Thank you for keeping us posted on your progress:)

Posted by: Hanna Buckley on

Found the RMI blog. Thank you so much for the updates. It helps US not to panic. Everyone down here at more or less sea level is praying for your continued safety. Prayers, good wishes for all, esp. my children’s father who is on your team.

Posted by: Meg Race on

So good to hear your news, Dave!
You all together are always in my mind and it´s not easy not to be in panic by wathing all the news on n-tv and other news chanals…I´m sure you know exactly, what to do or not to do.
Stay save and Hans, I´m looking forward to hold you in my arms… Best wishes to all - Ute from Germany

Posted by: Ute Novak on

Thank you so much for the updates, it’s really good to know you are ok. So sad to hear of the devastation. Hoping you are able to fly out soon. Keep us posted, very appreciated.

Posted by: Andrea on

Our prayers and good wishes for your health snd safety!

Posted by: Roopali on

Your group has a wonderfully experienced leadership group that I know will make the right decisions.  Stay upbeat.  All good thoughts and prayers are with you from Taos.

Posted by: Dorothy Wells on

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