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Mt. Everest: Kathmandu & Beyond

Rain, thunder and lightning continued late into the Lukla night, but we all felt pretty confident that the dawn would bring perfect flying weather... Which it did. We were up at 5 AM and over to the craziness of Lukla International Airport by 6 AM. At around 7 or so, a twin engine prop plane came in with the right letters and numbers on its tail and we pushed our way through the crowd to catch our flight. That flight was blissfully uneventful and by 7:30 we were just another batch of tourists in Kathmandu... Rubbernecking from our van to catch whatever signs of quake damage we could see on the way to our comfortable hotel. A casual observer could easily go unaware of the tragedy unfolding in the country around us... things are quickly returning to "normal" for those with means in the capital. The hotel was jam-packed with correspondents, camera crews, diplomats and a few grubby climbers. We met a number of our guide friends -some of whom had ambitious and worthy plans to go out to remote villages to do what they could to save lives, and some of whom, just like ourselves, intended to get out of the country as soon as possible so as not to require care and feeding from an already over-stressed society. Our team passed the afternoon resting, cleaning up, exploring and reconnecting. I was lucky enough to connect with the legendary Miss Elizabeth Hawley for the team's all important post-climb interview. As expected, there wasn't much to relate in terms of climbing goals achieved... none-the-less, we chatted for a delightful -and perhaps a bit melancholy- hour over the continuing challenges of these contemporary Everest seasons. Back at the hotel, our team assembled for one final evening together, with a couple of toasts and a fine rooftop dinner. We were not even remotely cold or uncomfortable, we weren't in danger and we had a rising and beautiful full moon to entertain us. Tomorrow we'll scatter to ride a number of bigger and faster aircraft toward our own homes. Thank you for following along in this challenging season. We each feel extremely fortunate to have come unscathed through extraordinary circumstances. To this point, we've had the convenience and satisfaction of placing cash directly into the hands of those who've suffered... from this point onward, we'll try to match the generosity of those at home... Making considered contributions to responsible aid organizations benefiting all Nepalis. Best Regards, RMI Guide Dave Hahn

Comments (12)

Dear Dave, your post have been a blessing to me. I have been praying for all of you, and for the sherpa and their family, also for the people of Nepal.
Have a safe trip back home! God Bless You all, Pastor Sylvia Joplin

Posted by: Pastor Sylvia Joplin on

Glad you and your team are safe and finally on your way home. Your blog has been extremely informative and I’ve looked forward to reading them and of your previous exploits. You may not recall but back in 1990 as a way to thank the team at VM sports medicine for rehabbing your leg you took a small group of us up Mt Rainier. I was in that group and you had me rope lead behind your lead. I applaud you on all your accomplishments and look forward to reading about many more. Stay safe.

Posted by: greg faulkner on

  I have been riveted to your posts during this attempt.  I’m thrilled that you and your team are on your way home safely.
Thank you for the words. Hope to see you in Taos!

Posted by: Lisa-Marie Allen on

Glad to see your all safely on your way home. Thanks for sharing the details of the trip and allowing me to see into a fraction of the adventure. I appreciate what you guides bring to these trips. I will never forget my experiance with Billy Nugent and Walter Hailes on Aconcagua.

Posted by: Andy Rodenhiser on

Thank you for the very interesting posts. So glad you are all safe. Great to see you all looking so healthy and happy.

Posted by: Doris Diel on

Dear Dave,  Thank you for this post and photos of the team.  best to all of you for your safe journeys home.  great to see Larry!

Posted by: Sabrina Tanner on

Dave, JJ, Mark and team: Great to see you are finally back to Kathmandu. Thanks, Dave, for all the update along this expedition, even during the most challenging times! Wish all a safe journey home! -FX

Posted by: FX on

Thanks for the well written reports Dave.  Congratulations to you, Mark and JJ for getting everyone home safe…an amazing achievement.  You guys are the best. 

Posted by: Jeff Olson on

Dave, thanks for all the reports.  So glad your team made it back safely to Katmandu.  Best wishes for safe travel.  Godspeed.

Posted by: Brent Weigner on

Thank you for the regular updates.  Very reassuring regarding our loved ones and so sad regarding those who lost their lives and almost everything else.  Larry, it is nice to see you are well.  Of note, there is a planned fundraiser in Des Moines on Tuesday, which I suspect is happening in other communities around the country.
Fred K

Posted by: Fred Klingbeil on

It is great to see you sitting on furniture and enjoying each others stories.

Posted by: Mark on

Great to see your smiling face Larry. ..Best + Bless to you and JJ and team…Thx Dave for words…Waltero

Posted by: Walter Glover on

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