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Mt. McKinley: Tyler Jones & Team Call from the Summit of Mt. McKinley

June 15, 2015 4:42 pm PT Hi everybody it’s Tyler and the team. We are on the summit of Mt. McKinley currently. We hope that everyone is doing well at home. We have a lot of hours of work left but we did a really good job getting up here. We can see hundreds of miles. There is a light wind up here and everybody is doing great. We have had a spectacular trip and we are half way now. We will give you a report when we get back to 17 Camp and hope that everyone is well. We will be in touch. Cheers – RMI Guide Tyler Jones

RMI Guide Tyler Jones calls from the summit of Mt. McKinley.

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Comments (20)

A huge congrats to you and the team, Ken. You are a man of your word—you said you were going to do Denali and you did—all the way to the top—20,320 feet—WOW! A colossal achievement. Cheers to you and the team from hapless Hollis.

Posted by: Budd Burnett on

Congratulations to all on reaching the summit, be safe travels down.  Ken, we are anxiously waiting your return to hear all your wonderful stories, be safe!!

Posted by: Lilia Godinez on

Sweet!Cheers to all! We are proud of you! xo

Posted by: sjp on

Ken and team - awesome job! So many people are up there with you, but you lifted us there! Take care coming down. I imagine it might be easy to loose focus after such a pinnacle accomplishment. Just great job

Posted by: Mike Taylor on

Congratulations to all - very exciting. Yay!! Ken, nice 80 degree weather is waiting for you in southern Cali. Wishing you all a safe journey home.

Posted by: Anna Fisher on

Great job guys!!!
Ken you’re the man, so glad to hear the news of such an awesome summit and achievement.

Safe Travels - see you soon


Posted by: Jeff Lage on

Congratulations Ken and team. All your hard work and preparation has paid off. Outstanding feat!

Posted by: Jim Rowe on

Congrats Rod and team! I am glad the weather worked in your favor. Have a safe trip back down now. Btw dad it is 102 here today so you will get the heat you much desire on return.

Posted by: Andrew Washington on

Congratulations TJ, DG, and your team!! Heck yea!!!!! So happy for you guys. Have a safe trip down!

Posted by: Jen on

Great Job!!! What an accomplishment!! Enjoy your hike down!! See you soon!!

Posted by: Jason on

Bro and team.
Maria and I have been closely monitoring your progress. I wish I was there with you. Congratulations on achieving your lofty goal.

Posted by: Rich Washington on

Congratulations Bro and the team. Maria and I were following you closely as you reached your goal. A lofty one indeed.

Posted by: Rich Washington on

Rod and all of teem #7, congratulations on your successful ascent. You have accomplished that which most of us down here on the ground dare not attempt. Have and exciting and safe descent. Love from Dad and Grace.

Posted by: Don Washington on

Admiration - and relief!
Perseverance wins every time
Well done indeed Devin and the team

Posted by: Charles on

HOORAY D.G. to you and all the team members. I am so proud of you. Safe travels down and back home. Love, Mom

Posted by: Caroline on

Awesome achievement! So happy to hear you reached the summit and everyone on the team is doing well. Special blessings for a safe trip back down.  Love Mom and Dad Dreher

Posted by: Mom & Dad Dreher on

Congratulations boys! So happy to hear you made it to the top!
Stay safe and have a great descend, we love and miss you so much!
Jen, Lila & Owen

Posted by: Jennifer on

Ken, Congratulation Honey! I knew you could do it! You are my Hero and I love you so much. Love Amy

Posted by: Amy Curtis on

Congratulations, Ken!  What an amazing accomplishment!  Happy you made it to the top and achieved the dream you’ve worked so hard for.  Incredible.  - Thanh

Posted by: Thanh on

Ken and team congratulations on an amazing climb and mission accomplished thus far. Be safe and enjoy the remainder of the journey. Dennis

Posted by: Dennis on

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