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Denali Expedition: Beren & Team Call from the Summit!

June 16, 2016 - 6:07 PM PT Hello from the top of Denali. We were lucky today and the mountain let us to the tip top. We are all doing fantastically well, the weather is just about perfect and we will soon start our descent. But we just wanted to check in, we will enjoy the views for a little bit longer, but the team has done great, everyone worked super hard. I'm quite proud of all of them. We will give you a shout from the lowlands. Take care all. RMI Guide Jake Beren

RMI Guide Jake Beren calls in from the summit of Denali, Alaska.

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Comments (18)

Congratulations to the whole team!  Fantastic news Jason, I’m looking forward to hearing all about your experience.  Safe descent and “slán abhaile” (Irish for safe home).  Fr Joseph

Posted by: Fr Joseph on

Way to go all!!
Safe downclimb and tasty beer!

Posted by: Jones-Hartmans on

Bunny and Carl forever

Posted by: Carl Hungus on

Congrats to the whole team… especially you Hempel.

We’re all excited to see the pictures and hear the stories of your conquest.

Posted by: Chris Long on

Jason, I’m so VERY PROUD of u,

Posted by: Rose Ann Becker on

Congratulations!  Very exciting news!!  Enjoy the top and have a safe descent.

Posted by: Susan on

Congratulations Jason! That is an incredible picture of the summit. Have a safe descent. We can’t wait to hear about your adventure.

Posted by: Knutsons on

The Hoppes are so happy for you Jason and team-very inspiring!!

Posted by: The Hoppes on

Way to go team! What an accomplishment! Mattie, I am so thrilled for you!  I pray now for your team to continue down the mountain with the same wisdom and strength and caution that it took to ascend the mountain. Continue with strong team work, the task is not complete yet! Bud meant to say that he was buying steak at Manny’s for the whole family when you get down! Love and prayers-Jodi

Posted by: Jodi Corrow on

Great job in getting to the top.Have a safe trip down. Beautiful pictures. Aunt Barbara

Posted by: Barbara h on

Woo !  Enjoy the view JM. Love.

Posted by: Tammy Gorum on

Jason you are amazing! We are so proud of you!!  Enjoy the top and have a safe trip down. Love you!

Posted by: Susan on

Such a great picture! Soak up the well deserved view and feeling of victory!

Looking forward to the stories Jason.

Posted by: Shawn Bernard on

Congratulations, Jason and team!!!! What a spectacular day to reach the top of the world! Soak it in, get some rest and take your time coming home!!!!

Posted by: Amey Tamagni on

What an awesome granddaughter I have :-)
Love you, Katrina!!

Posted by: GrandMo on

Great job!!!!!! I’m so excited for all of you!!!!! Have a safe descent and I can’t wait to hear all about it!
Jay, I am so proud of you! Oh how I wish I could see you when you get home. I love you! Mamma

Posted by: Isty on

To Jake, Katrina and JM-

Great job you three!  Thank you so much for getting the team safely to the summit!  You and the climbers are simply amazing.  We are so grateful to God for the weather, Denali itself, and for your expertise.  Safe descent on the way down, and we hope to see you soon!  Bird

Posted by: Bird on

You’re amazing, Mattie!  I’m so proud to say you’re my sister!  Have a safe descent and when you get back down, I’ll have an extra jacket waiting for you.  Love you!  Bud

Posted by: Luke on

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