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Shishapangma: Team Makes a Carry to Depot Camp

And the progress uphill has started! We made a carry today to Depot Camp, right at the edge of the glacier, where we deposited some hardware, gas, tents, boots...Our goal is to have our kit in position where we need it, without having to carry it every time. As expected, the first venture into the 6000m vicinity was exhausting, and the "morrainy" terrain contributes to it. However making progress, laying eyes on the route, and continuing with the acclimating process is all a great payback. Our strong Sherpa team continued until close to Camp 1 (they are the first ones to set foot on Shishapangma this season) and had success finding a good passage through the massive penitentes field that we have to cross just after Depot Camp. Imagine a moon-like area that presents some of the most intricate climbing of our route, that is what we will have to cross shortly after leaving Depot Camp. We're now enjoying a rest while our cooks Purna and Aital finish preparing our dinner. With our yak drivers gone until our departure in a month, only another small team of 3 French and 1 Australian (with their couple Sherpa and cooks) are issued to climb here this season here. It's definitely an off the beaten path mountain! Wishing you all well, RMI Guide Elias de Andres Martos and team

Comments (10)

Art, this must surely be the climb of all climbs for you. I am practically holding my breath reading this and looking forward to the team’s daily progress. Go team!

Posted by: Betty (Art's sister) on

Excited to hear of your progress to the glacier. Can’t wait to hear more! The “assault” on Bonneville was mixed. We beat the old G/CPRO record but the car’s ignition system broke up at 7500 in fifth gear on the return run. Better luck on your attempt

Posted by: Rick Deerwester on

Go Auntie Sandra!  Good luck to you and the team!  Om Benza Wiki Bitana Rakya Rakya Hung :)

Posted by: Hikari, Whiskey and the kiddies on

Art, Love you dear. Be safe.

Posted by: Leslie muir on

I am out of breath just reading this. You all are amazing. Good work. Have fun!

Posted by: Trish Deerwester on

Galina! So happy to see your smiling face! Верю в тебя, твой успех! ВСЕ ВСЕ ПОЛУЧИТСЯ!

Posted by: Zhanar on

Good progress.  Soon the crampons go on the boots.  Then the real climbing starts.  Although everybody is real high already.  Enjoy, be safe.  Good luck team and Artie and Wolf!

Posted by: Jim on

Looking good Wolf Blitzaaa!  Have fun and keep it real.  Much love, Fynn

Posted by: Fynn on

Go Artie!!!

Posted by: Bill on

It is so exciting to watch your progress.  Good luck to you.

Posted by: Bobbie Vender on

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