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Shishapangma: Team Resting Up for Their Summit Push

Greetings all! We've certainly settled back in to life at our 18,500' Base Camp with a second consecutive rest day in the books; all in preparation for our upcoming summit push. Naps were taken. Dining tent discussion came and went throughout the day. The Tootsie Roll jar certainly took a hit. And the sun poked through off and on, giving us our first warming by the sun in a few days. With the sun, a few team members took advantage of some creature comforts with our Base Camp shower setup. (Yes you read that right!) Tomorrow we'll indulge in much of the same as we wait for our weather window to begin our climb to the summit. Until then, thanks for following along, and thank you for all your blog responses and words of encouragement! RMI Guides Robby, Elias, Adam, and the Shishapamgma Team

Comments (14)

Hi Jarrett,

As I wait for the presidential debate to begin, I find myself kind of envying you, 18,500 feet up there, breathing like an emphysema patient and mostly cut off from the stupidity of the outside world. Despite my fear of heights, I may have to consider spending the next election in the Himalayas. 1/2 to 1/3 of the oxygen at sea level in exchange for a month with no Drumpf, Hillary, Kardashians or other oxygen thieves? I’d take that deal right about now.

Seriously, though, good luck on the summit push. Remember to wear your crampons on the midnight wee trip at the higher camps, observe your turnaround time and maybe by the time you get home, I’ll have taught Mom and Dad how to pronounce the name of the mountain you climbed.  I tried it the other night with Dad after the anniversary party. Big mistake.

See you soon,

Posted by: Jayme on

Always in my thoughts and prayers. Climb strong.

Posted by: Jane Knoff on

Good luck on the summit push everyone!  Love you dad!

Posted by: Fynn on

Wolf, now is the time to tap into your superpowers. remember, you are a master climber! always blue skies!!~meme

Posted by: meme on

Wolfi & everyone: May the force be with you!!!!

Wir denken alle an Dich!

Posted by: Bettina Riehle de Mola on

Okay, now I am getting chills just thinking about you all starting the summit climb. Hope the weather is good. May the force be with you!!

Posted by: Betty (Art's sister) on

Exciting to hear that you’re readying for the summit attempt and hoping that the weather will be fair and maybe even a bit on the sunny side as you all go for it. we’ll be eagerly awaiting updates over the next few days and the word that you were able to made it to the top and are on the way down. But regardless of the outcome, it’s the adventure that counts!
We’re thinking of you and look forward to visiting to get a full (in-person) report of the expedition.
Love Mom and Dad

Posted by: Rick Deerwester on

Rest, rest and enjoy the sun…it will come out soon! It has to! Jarrett, be safe, enjoy the journey and hurry home to us we all miss you!  Xo, trish

Posted by: Trish on

Colin - hope you and the team are well and getting rested for the summit push.  We’re looking forward to seeing lots of photos when you get back! Best wishes from Bruce, Paul, Gabrielle and Anais

Posted by: Bruce Gailey on

Art and colleagues,

We send our best wishes for fair weather and good fortune on your summit attempt. Climb with care and look out for each other every step of the way. Hope to see you soon, safe and warm and a lot closer to sea level.


Posted by: Bob & Patty on

Here’s hoping the weather turns in your favor.  Happy trails to you.

Posted by: Hikari on

Take a shower Artie!  You deserve it!  May the weather be good!

Posted by: Bill on

Galina and the team,

Almost there! A little push (flinstones)!

Don’t shower, go natural and healthy.  Remember what Maxut preached.  No shower, just the goal to make it to the top! Then you can come and live in spa bath in Almaty. 



Posted by: Zhanar on

Hi Gary, I hope you are enjoying the scenery and the cold. I just got back from InterBike and you were sorely missed. We hit Bobby Flay’s and the Tikki room was a hit with all the new guys. We signed some new team team partners and we will be riding Hed wheels next year. Enjoy the rest of your journey and enjoy each step along the way!! Tonight I will have a cosmo in your name. Cheers, Paul

Posted by: Paul Abrahams on

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