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Kilimanjaro: Hahn & Team Receive a Warm Welcome at Barranco Camp

At some point in the early morning hours, the clouds cleared away, the full moon and stars came out, along with the great volcanic cone of Kibo, Kilimanjaro's central peak. First light was our first sighting of the mountain we've been climbing. All were thrilled to see it, but it must be admitted that some were a little intimidated by the steep icy mountain flanks rising into the sky. We ate our breakfast and got walking toward the peak at about 8 AM. The walking was pretty easy compared to the tricky trails we'd become accustomed to, but it was taking us steadily higher. Within a few hours of marching through the high desert vegetation, we were breaking altitude records. In fact, by our high point of the day, the Lava Tower, at 15,200 ft, we'd crushed records for Cory, Jen, Don, Syd, Carol, Naomi and Curt. Only Sarah and Martha had been to greater altitude. Cumulus clouds formed up with the heat of the day to rob us of some views, but generally, we were blessed with a fine, calm and dry day for hiking. We worked our way down into the Barranco Valley-back down into the garden of giant Senecios and Lobelias. We reached camp at 13,000 ft by three o'clock. Our staff of porters, cooks, camp boys, waiters and guides seemed pleased with our performance. A few men began clapping, and within minutes, fifty of our best mountain friends were clapping, dancing and singing. Eventually, we all joined in -some of the team managing to get down and shake it while still wearing packs. Not bad after a seven-hour hike and a trip to new heights. We rested away the afternoon, listening to stories and Swahili at the foot of the Great Barranco Wall. Best Regards, RMI Guide Dave Hahn

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Comments (5)

Congratulations to all!  My money is on Carol for dancing.

Posted by: Karen Ford on

Sending positive thoughts to the Tulsa Team - Curt, Syd, and Carol (Karl?). Have a great trip! Enjoying your journey from OK.

Posted by: Brent Johnson on

Way to go Team Long!! Wish I could have seen Curt Long sing, dance and clap his hands! Congrats on crushing the altitude, more records to fall!
Axel and Janie

Posted by: Janie Long on

Congratulations Carol and the rest of the climbers. Keep busting your records!

Posted by: Brett on

Way to go, Altitude Crushers! 
I’m so glad Kibo finally made an appearance. Worth dancing about.
Nao, you just have a hike to Muir or MSH to go. lol. We know you can do that.
Omg, please enjoy every painful moment from here. You are right next door to Heaven.
Congrats to all record-breakers. You are all an inspiration.
Cheers. And hugs to Nao. Keep Calm & Hike On!

Posted by: Claudia on

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