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Denali Expedition: Haugen & Team Continue to Wait

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 8:26 PM PT Another early morning peek out of the tent provided all we needed to know about how today was going to go...not very far. With terrible visibility and the sound of high winds above, we knew that we would add another tally mark on our tent wall! Although all of us are more than ready to head to the summit and then get out of here, we are not exactly suffering. In fact, it turned out to be a relatively nice day in camp even though the summit was still angry. We had some Mountain Pho (ramen) on our rock terrace at the edge of camp that looks 3,000 feet down to 14,000' Camp. It was good to have the whole team eating together instead of holed up in tents because of weather. It feels like the weather is changing in our favor. Of course, we have felt that way for days! We are in negotiations with Denali for a summit tomorrow. Although we never have the upper hand in weather negotiations with big mountains, I think this team has put in enough hard work and patience to use as a bargaining chip. Put in a good word for us! RMI Guide Mike Haugen & Team Siete

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Comments (8)

Hi Megan, thinking of you and so proud of your accomplishments!! Glad u missed the earthquake. I hope Vicky is ok. Xo Gayle

Posted by: Gayle C on

Welllllllllllll. Lying in my comfy bed reading this and not wishing I was you guys, but then again you are all my hero’s so I guess I totally am wishing I was one of you. That’s exactly who you all are….the people the rest of us imagine to be or aspire to be. So for us….go get that mountain for all of us! You got time, tenacity and tons of people cheering you on….Mother Nature will give you her window soon. You got this, side salad!

Posted by: Shannon Henn on

Happy 4th of July to all! I hope Denali saluted you by letting you summit today? Did anyone pack sparklers? ZsaZsa & I skipped the annual stroll to Starbucks, but paraded around the block with Red, White, & Blue decorations. We were a hit! Now tell that mountain you’re on a schedule and get goin! (Safety first, of course

Posted by: Vicki on

Gosh Tym, I would send your favorite biscotti, but it’s difficult to find a postal carrier for your altitude…they barely get the mail here, at sea level. I admire your patience and wish the entire team good weather for a safe and successful summit…soon!!!

GO TYM!!  GO TEAM!!!  (any time now, would be great)

Love Mom and Zeppelin

Posted by: Kristi Kennelly on

We are waiting in anticipation for you to summit, Meghan….as well as the rest of team. Be safe, patient and happy. On the positive side, at least you are well rested and acclimated!!!

Posted by: Serena Chase on

Wish you all fair weather tomorrow and an inspiring summit!

Posted by: Lukin Gilliland Jr on

Wishing you all the best!!

Posted by: Deb on

Seguro que mañana es el dia! Mucha suerte y un abrazo desde Barcelona. Mantenemos los dedos cruzados!!

Joan a per totes si el temps ho permet.


Posted by: Ana on

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