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Kilimanjaro: Hahn &  Team Summit Highest Point in Africa

--Update-- Wake up was at 11:30 PM last night, breakfast was at midnight. We set off for the summit at 12:45 AM in perfect conditions for climbing. It was cool at 15,000 ft Barafu Camp, but not terribly cold. The sky was clear and the air was calm. As expected, there were plenty of teams going for the top, but we didn’t encounter much in the way of traffic jams. We went 90 minutes before our first rest break and then kept it to just ten minutes so as not to get too cold. Basically, we climbed for nearly six hours in the dark with the air getting progressively thinner and colder. The team handled it all quite well and we rolled onto the crater rim at Stella Point at 6:30 AM, just as the sun tipped over the horizon. We had a magnificent walk along the crater rim in the light of the new day, arriving at the true summit, Uhuru, at 7:24 AM. It was time for a few hero shots and handshakes. We spent nearly a half hour at Africa’s highest point and then began the big descent to thicker air. We dropped down dusty scree fields and pulled back into high camp at 10:45 AM. It was a relief to get out of all the cold weather clothing, since it was now hot, and back into hiking clothes. Our staff served us up a great “brunch” and then we packed up once again and skedaddled. We got headed down at 12:30 PM and dropped a further 5,000 vertical feet to reach Mweka Camp at the start of the forest. To be sure, our gang worked hard and folks were tired, but everybody made it in to camp by 4:00 PM, which is quite a respectable finish to a big day. Appetites are returning, headaches are fading and hopes are high for a full night of sleep in low altitude, well humidified air. People are starting to talk about showers...the end is near. We did great things today, but not without a huge boost from our local staff. From our guides, to the kitchen crew, and porters.. many went the “extra mile” in every sense to help us achieve, and enjoy, our dream. Best Regards, Dave Hahn --Original Post-- Hey this is Dave Hahn calling from Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We summitted today. We were on top of Uhuru, the highest point in Africa, at about 20 minutes after 7 this morning 25 minutes after 7. Pretty good - excellent conditions, nice and calm, beautiful day. Now it's ten minutes after 11 in the morning and we are back at High Camp. We are going to rest up here a little bit and then go down to Mweka Camp, way down there at 10,000 feet. That will be a full day. We have been up since 11:30 last night. I'll check in when w are down at Mweka Camp. We are all good here. RMI Guide Dave Hahn

RMI Guide Dave Hahn calls to report reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

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Comments (5)

Well done!! Jeff Tracy, we willl celebrate at Boma at WDW in your honor tonight!-Team Falls

Posted by: Team Falls on

Congratulations, Mike, to you, your team, your RMI guide, and the staff on reaching the summit!

Posted by: Pat Winiarski on

AWESOME JOB, AMAZING EFFORT! Love those Bob bros‼️

Posted by: Cindy Gervey on

Yay!!! Congrats team! Especially to -now- super famous Bob Bros :) You did it!

Posted by: Iwona on

What a beautiful achievement! Especially to you Jeff Tracy :)

Posted by: Tiffany VanDeMark on

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