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RMI Guide Eric Frank Calls from the Denali Summit!

Thursday, June 3, 2021 - 6:15 pm PT

Good afternoon! This is RMI Guide Eric Frank calling on June 3rd from the summit of Denali, the highest point in North America. We are up here on a beautiful afternoon, in-and-out of the clouds. Sometimes we can see 100 miles; sometimes we can only see our climbing boots. We had an awesome climb today. Started off a little chilly in the shade, but all-in-all it has been a wonderful day of climbing.  We are enjoying 15 minutes on top right now. It is about 5:15 local time. We are going to pack up and head downhill where we should be back between 9 and 10 pm tonight.  Thanks everyone for following along.  Friends and family- I am sure you’ll be happy to hear from your respective individuals in a few days.  Our hope is to move down to a lower elevation, thicker air and catch a plane to the land of burgers and beer within a couple of days.  Thanks for following along. Bye.

RMI Guide Eric Frank

RMI Guide Eric Frank calls from the Denali summit!

Comments (23)



Enjoy the peace and wonder of your celebratory lap down mountain.

Love ya, proud of ya - period.


The Old Man


Posted by: Shawn Dalgleish on

Awesome Job Eric!!
Farmer Dave

Posted by: Dave Kestel on

Congratulations for a successful summit! Be safe on your return. Fantastic memories

Posted by: Susan K. Moore on

Norm, and team, congratulations on this amazing feat! Phil and I are beyond impressed with this accomplishment and anxiously awaited each update. Wishing you a safe journey home! PS. The Whiteface Hill Climb was not the same without you today.

Posted by: Margaret Thompson on

Norm!!!  So happy for you!  I FaceTimed Val when she posted on Facebook. It was like 10:45 pm!  We were yelling and laughing- so happy that you made it and were safe!  Enjoy the climb down- it will be especially sweet.  See you soon!  Love. Joanne.

Posted by: Joanne leonberger on

Norm: For some reason, my last message was cut off at the end.
Here’s the rest:
Love you very much, XO Val ❤️

Posted by: Valerie Cognetto on

Congratulations to everyone on the team! Norm, I knew your would make it! Looking forward to our trip to Africa for your second of the seven summits. Can’t wait to have you home again. It’s not the same without you here and I miss you very much. Hey, did the gay penguin make it?

Posted by: Valerie Cognetto on

Norm, Joe and I have been following our every move! We are so excited for you and hope for your safe return. We cannot wait to hear about your adventure!! Be safe!

Posted by: Terry DeCola on

Congrats Elliot and team! Safe travels down and back home!

Posted by: Tommy B. on

Well I guess the view is always better after a hard climb! So happy for you Heidi and so happy you are on your way down! Safe travels and can’t wait to hear mountain tales❤️

Posted by: Maxine Kay on

Congratulation, Norm and team!  Good luck on your safe return from a monumental journey.

Posted by: Scott & Wendy on

Elliot, simply put, you’re a living legend. Excited to hear all about it when you get back. Safe returns to you and the crew.

Posted by: Billy on

Elliot (and team) - congrats!!! It has been so exciting to follow along and I’m so proud of your accomplishment!!! Can’t wait to hear more about this adventure!

Posted by: Samantha on

CONGRATS ELLIOT!!!  (and team).  So happy for you.  Safe travels on the way down.  Can’t wait to hear about your journey. 

Posted by: Shelly on


Yes! Amazing!
Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about your journey.
Warm weather awaits your return
Safe travels back down for all - You did it!


Posted by: Susan on

Way to go Elliot!!! You should be very proud. Much love from the Toto boys. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Posted by: Mike on

Heidi- You inspire me! Congratulations to the whole team. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Also, Cowboy told me he will eat any leftover peanut butter, so bring it home.

Posted by: Carol Lukasewicz on

Whoooooooh!!! Great job H!!!

Posted by: Cowboy Kay and Steve on

Congrats to all! Heidi, we are so thrilled. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Safe travels for your return
Xoxo Santanas

Posted by: Allison on

Yay!! So proud of everyone! Elliot, can’t wait to see you.

Posted by: Haley on

Congrats Elliot!! You did it! So cool! Congratulatory beers when you get back in town!

Posted by: Sarah on

Congrats Heidi and team!

@Heidi, you are a freaking rockstar and I am so proud of you! Can’t wait to see you and hear all about your awesome journey when you are back in town. We love you! Safe travels..

Posted by: Huay on

Amazing!!!!!!  Got chills reading this and so proud of you, Heidi!!!  Can’t wait to hear all about your epic journey!!!  Congrats to the whole team!!!!

Posted by: Carol Wang on

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