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Denali Expedition: King & Team Move to 17,200ft Camp

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 - 10:42 pm PT

The weather forecast has been calling for a tapering of the wind and clouds above 17,200’ beginning late Thursday. After being camp and tent bound for almost a week we decided to move camp. The weather was warm, cloudy, windy, hot and cold all over the 7ish hours it took us to move. There was some uphill and downhill traffic that we dealt with. The climbing on the West Buttress is by far the highlight so far. With expansive views of the Peter’s glacier and the black rock of the North Summit the team kept their heads down and did the hard work. We are safe in camp working on dinner and drinking water. A rest day is likely tomorrow as Friday seems to be the day for a summit attempt. Thanks for following along.

RMI Guide Mike King

Comments (15)

Awesome job you guys!

Posted by: Roger Rood on

Very glad for all that you were able to make the change of camps as you prepare for your climb to the summit. Praying for good weather and a beautiful day. Congratulations to Rob

Posted by: Tío Kleberg on

Wishing King team well. Enjoyed daily updates. Just a few more steps to fulfill memories for a lifetime.  Plan on pizza at Dirty Daves Abby. Love ya!

Posted by: Papa & Grandma Westling on

Hi Rob!  When your Dad told me what you’re doing I thought,”What is he crazy or what!!”. But sitting here in 100 degree heat and 90 percent humidity I’m beginning to get the picture!  Clay tells everyone he sees,”hey you’ll never guess what my nephew is doing!” Go for it Rob!  But be safe.

Aunt K and Clay

Posted by: Aunt K and Clay on

Thinking of you, Dad! Keep going, and be smart—can’t wait to hear the stories when you’re back at sea level! Love you so much!


Posted by: Jillian Ludwig on

Tom we are so excited and proud of you!  I can’t wait to see a picture of you on the summit.  We love you and can’t wait to hear all about your climb.

Climb strong and climb high!
Your Girls

Posted by: Lori Salata on

Hey Brother Tom!! You’ve worked hard for this and the reward is in sight!! Breath Deep , Take it in!! You Rock!!! One step at a time and you and your team will be on top!! Hey Mike ! You are Awesome!! Climb High!!

Posted by: Farmer Dave on

Heyy Mike F. Hope you still have some battery left in the camera. Remember to take a video at the top. If you don’t, you’ll have to climb the mountain again. Pics or it didn’t happen!
Love ya

Posted by: Jen F on

Mike Fortier and team, the mother-in-law in me says stay safe and hydrated. The yogi in me says inhale-exhale-and enjoy the experience.

Posted by: Cathy H on

As a team, you all certainly do a good job of ratcheting up the suspense day by day. Being along with you (sort of) at 17200 is quite a trip. Best to all on summit day!
Tita and Artie

Posted by: Martha Sabom on

Way to go Michael reaching 17,5; good luck to you and the team going to the summit, long journey but, I bet it’s exciting, be safe and enjoy the view at the “top of the world”.
Mom and Dad Fortier

Posted by: Robert Fortier on

Lisa, the family and I are waiting anxiously to hear of your next move! The view won’t change but maybe the outcome will!! Hope you are strong, warm and well.
Love, B

Posted by: Beth Ludwig on

Captain Kirk, your close, enjoy that walk to the summit my friend, you’ve earned it!  Take care and listen to your leader, he’s pretty good at what he does:)

Posted by: Dave Grotjahn on

So happy that you’ve moved up to 17,200! You’re well acclimatized and we’re cheering you all on but, especially Huw and Rob from CT and TX

Posted by: Louise Rothwell on

Our thoughts are with you, Rob.  We long to hear your version sometime of how-it-was-for-me.

Posted by: Colin & Sue Hunt on

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