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Alaska Seminar: Beautiful Views and Training

Posted by: Jason Thompson | May 06, 2012
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Elevation: 7,300'

Hello again from the SE fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. Temperatures have remained chilly at night around here. Although a brief period of snow yesterday afternoon brought in some slightly warmer temperatures.

Yesterday we walked underneath the north Buttress of Mt. Hunter as we traveled further up the SE fork for some training. The scenery was breathtaking. The weather has been splendid.

Today we all summitted the Control Tower. Some moderate glacier travel gave us access to a beautiful Alaska snow ridge to the top. Wonderful views of the Alaskan Range were had from the top.

Everyone has adjusted well to life on the glacier.

RMI Guide Jason Thompson

Alaska Seminar: First Day on the Kahiltna

Posted by: Jason Thompson | May 04, 2012
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Elevation: 7,300'

Hello from the Kahiltna Glacier!  We woke to frigid temperatures on our first morning, with the temperatures reaching negative 25 F. Thankfully the sun came out to play and things quickly warmed up for us. We enjoyed our first day exploring the SE fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. 

Everyone is doing great. We’ll check in soon.

RMI Guide Jason Thompson

Kahiltna Base with Mt. Hunter in the background.

Ecuador’s Volcanoes: Enjoying a Rest Day

Posted by: Jason Thompson | December 07, 2011
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Ecuador

Hey, this is the Ecuador trip checking in. 

Today we had a much deserved and much needed rest day here at the Chilcabamba Lodge.  We woke up this morning to glorious views of Cotopaxi and a magnificent breakfast.  We ate wonderful food and drank lots of coffee.  We spent the majority of the day resting, relaxing and drying out and organizing our gear for tomorrow’s departure to Cotopaxi.  This afternoon we enjoyed more coffee and continued reviews of Cotopaxi and finished the day off with a wonderful dinner this evening.

Everyone is doing well here in Ecuador and we are all looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures. We’ll check in later.

RMI Guide Jason Thompson

RMI Guide Jason Thompson checks in from Ecuador.

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Ecuador’s Volcanoes: Cayambe Summit!

Posted by: Jason Thompson, Casey Grom | December 05, 2011
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Ecuador
Elevation: 18,997'

RMI Guides Casey Grom & Jason Thompson checked in this morning with the news that their team reached the summit of Cayambe (18,997’) at 7:10 a.m. local time today.  The team left the hut on Cayambe (15,330’) just after midnight with a low cloud layer above keeping them warm to about 17,000’.  The team climbed well with some steep and challenging conditions on the final approach to the summit.  They reported mostly cloudy skies and knee to ankle deep snow in places.  Unfortunately, the cloud cover obscured their views from the summit but they did take some time to celebrate their accomplishment before starting the descent.  Everyone is back to the Cayambe hut.  They are planning to pack up, load the vehicles and make their way down the mountain.  They will stop for lunch and then continue to Chilcabamba Eco Lodge where they will stay and rest the next two nights.

Congratulations to the team!

RMI Team on the summit of Cayambe, December 5th.  Photo: Casey Grom Enjoying a well deserved lunch after the climb of Cayambe.  Photo: Casey Grom

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Ecuador’s Volcanoes: The Team Visits Otavalo Market

Posted by: Jason Thompson | December 05, 2011
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Ecuador
Elevation: 15,300'

Today was a great day. We visited the Otavalo market working on our bargaining skills. Then we returned to the San Luis Hacienda for a great lunch this afternoon. After lunch we drove towards the Cayambe hut in a torrential downpour of rain. Fortunately the rain let up and we were able to make our hike up to the hut on Cayambe (15,300’). Everybody did a wonderful job. The group is super strong and things are going really well. It’s been a great group.  That is everything here from Ecuador. We will check in with our adventures from tomorrow. Ciao.

RMI Guide Jason Thompson

Visiting the Otavalo Saturday Market.  Photo: Casey Grom

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