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Entries from Everest BC Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek & Island Peak Climb: Grom & Team Back in Namche Bazaar

Today we descended back down the valley all the way to Namche where we passed hundreds of trekkers, climbers, and endless yaks trains! We paused occasionally to take in the amazing views and to see where we had been. It only took about 4 hours to reach Namche where we arrived just before a few groups and took advantage of the much needed hot showers. The team spent the rest of the afternoon doing a little gift shopping and just relaxing in the warmer temperatures.

Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to our last day on the trail.

RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

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Casey Grom - just checking in on you. Just read about the avalanche and of course I immediately thought of you. Be safe.

- Janel

Posted by: Janel Miller on 4/18/2014 at 6:43 am

Hi, Nicole! Looking spectacular! I’ll be up in May to hear all about your adventure! Your dad will be in Florida on Wednesday and I will be in Lauderdale Friday. If he hasn’t been on this site, I’ll get on with him. Stay well, rest when you can and keep on keepin on! xoxo

Posted by: Patti Tebo on 4/7/2014 at 6:07 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek & Island Peak Climb: Grom & Team Relaxing in Tengboche

Hello again everyone. We’re finally back in the cell and wifi zone!

I’m not sure if the last few sat phone calls went through but here’s a quick recap:
Thursday night it snowed for a few hours before we woke for our Island Peak summit climb. Thankfully it was only a few inches and the weather cleared before we started climbing. However, it was just enough to obscure the trail and make our going a little slippery, not dangerous, just very slow and tiring. We climbed up a steep slope into a tricky rock gulley that led to the start of the glacier where we strapped on our crampons and pulled out our ice axes. The start of the glacier was very broken and again required our full attention and lots of stamina, then eased off before the final steep headwall. The last few hundred feet had us ascending fixed rope to the summit and was exhausting due to the thin air. We took a few photos and started rapelling back down to the glacier. All in all it took us eight hours to reach the summit and another five to get back to camp. Three of our six climbers were able to battle to the top and the others gave us as much support as they could.
Today we hiked all the way back to Tengboche and are currently relaxing in a tea house and are very excited about hot showers tomorrow in Namche.

RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

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Nicole,  Uganda was me sent by Jen. Love coming home to your updates! Living an adventure thru you.  Love you - Sandy

Posted by: Sandy Murray on 4/7/2014 at 5:15 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek: Tucker Bids Farewell to His Team in Lukla

BIG is done!  Here in Lukla and enjoying the thick air and relatively warm temperatures. Long day from Namche to here, all is well. Good day weather wise and lots to view. Beautiful blooming fruit trees that were not at that stage on the way in. Amazing what new sites you see from the opposite direction. We took our time, tried to take in as much of the region as we could and still get us to our home for the night before dark. It was nice to stop and see the children, out and about having fun and a joy to observe the everyday live of the Sherpa people. They have always been such a friendly folk and it held true on this trip as well. Two of our favorite people of the Khumbu, Karma and Mingma part of our local staff that helped make this such a successful trip, left us after dinner. Safe journey to them and thanks so much. Pemba will stay with us till the early flight tomorrow morning. It’s been a blast. Till next time. Get out while you can.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

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Hi Kara,
It looks like you have better weather then we have here in Cleveland.
Be safe and have fun.
I am sending you good thoughts.

Posted by: Donna on 4/7/2014 at 6:33 pm

So glad to see your smiling faces! The fact that you all are shopping is a great sign!!
All kidding aside,it sounds like this trip has had some very real challenges that you have conquered. Congratulations and a big warm hug to all of you.  Can’t wait to hear about this trip.  Thank YOU Mark, for supporting the team and keeping all the fans back in the US informed. Your pictures and your blog have been wonderful.
Jill Shepard

Posted by: Jill Shepard on 4/7/2014 at 6:07 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek & Island Peak Climb: Grom & Team Summit Island Peak

Hello everybody, this is Casey Grom checking in again from the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek and Island Peak Climb. We are all currently safely back at base camp here on Island Peak after a successful but long, hard day. It was a pretty tough night. We actually had quite a bit of snow overnight, which made the trail difficult but fine and pretty slick so it was hard going for most folks for the first few hours. Luckily the wind died down and we were able to get three of our climbers to the top of Island Peak. The other three- a couple of them climbed, one stayed in camp to be moral support. The other two, I think they realized it was a little too much for them. It was a big day. It took about eight hours for the team to reach the summit after almost going non-stop with just a few breaks. We are all back at camp, everyone’s happy and doing well. We just packed up and we’re going to drop down to Chukung… (transmission lost)

RMI Guide Casey Grom

RMI Guide Casey Grom checking in after Island Peak climb.

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Congratulations, everybody!

Posted by: Jan on 4/5/2014 at 9:25 am

Glad to have news of norm and lee. Did you have a birthday party?

Posted by: Kristy on 4/4/2014 at 11:37 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek: Tucker & Team Have a Couple of Big Days on Their Trek Out

BIG, BIG days in a row.  What a whirl wind tour this has been. Since leaving Pheriche at 14,000 ft and going up to 17,000-foot Everest Base Camp it has been all business.

The team has linked together so many tough days and been rewarded with so many memories, I sure hope the lack of oxygen to the brain doesn’t effect the retention of them. We were up early to a blue-sky day.  Quick breakfast and off we go.  The word descend is a bit misleading when traveling in the Khumbu region.  The dramatic relief in topography combined with all the weathering and rivers makes for a lot of ups and downs from start to finish of the day. Midway on our trek today, it started to snow pretty heavy.  The team has been fine tuning what basic equipment to have in our packs at all times.  Needless to say most of our clothing went on as we traveled through a winter wonderland.  The downhill becomes a big challenge with wet and slippery condition.  An impressive demonstration by my group of climbers today with no misstep under trying conditions. All tired but happy with one more BIG day tomorrow, which will get us back to the Lukla airstrip.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

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Nicole and team,

“For a Climber, saying that you are stopping by Everest is like saying that you are stopping by to see God.”
Roland Smith, Peak
Looking at the pictures…I can only imagine!!::))

Posted by: MARY GRACE on 4/4/2014 at 1:56 pm

Hi, Nicole LoBiondo and team!
What an amazing journey! The photos are beautiful. Can’t wait to see you standing on the summit! Sending my love and LOTS of positive energy!!! xoxo Patti T

Posted by: Patti Tebo on 4/4/2014 at 8:28 am

Everest Base Camp Trek: Tucker & Team on their Descent to Namche Bazaar

Hey Mark Tucker checking in from Pheriche down here in the lowlands of 14,000’. Well the team got up and had a nice breakfast in beautiful, beautiful weather. We said good-bye to the crew at Base Camp. It was really fun sharing the expedition experience with these guys.  We had a really good time and were well taken care of. We were sad to leave Jeff Martin, our Operations Manager, all alone up there, but he’s going to be fine. We had a big day today though. Went through Gorak Shep and Lobuche so it was quite a trek for the team. They all did well and the mountain at the last bit threw at us a pretty good snow squall. And for this group of Floridians, the preparation and our great training over the last couple of weeks here, we survived. It was not that bad but it was a fun experience and boy we’re going to share these stories. Whatever they say, I’ll agree with them. Those numbers change when they get back home but I will verify it. So we’re all doing well. The other RMI team, the climbing team, is here as well. It’s been great to rub shoulders with them and these guys are getting to know them as well. So we are all hanging tough. More downhill and up tomorrow, where we’ll end up in Namche Bazaar. Thank you for following.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

RMI Guide Mark Tucker calls in from Pheriche.

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Everest Base Camp Trek & Island Peak Climb: Grom & Team Reach Chukung

Hey everybody. This is Casey Grom checking in again with the RMI Everest Base Camp Trek and Island Peak Climb. Just wanted to let everyone know that all is well. We left Pheriche yesterday and hiked for a few hours.  It was up the eastern-most valley in the Khumbu region to a little village called Chukung. Unfortunately, I was not able to get reception where we were staying. No cell service or wifi up there either. We had a great night, great food, and got up this morning to a little dusting of snow on the ground. We had a leisurely breakfast and got everything packed up.  And then the team set off this morning around 10 AM. We hiked for about three hours further up the valley to the the base of Island Peak. Our wonderful support staff hiked ahead of us and had our dining tent and even had a hot lunch ready for us. All of our sleeping tents were set up right as we pulled in. We are a little spoiled to say the least. Anyway, the team’s doing great. We’re just relaxing right now inside the tents and will continue to rest this afternoon. We’ll do some training tomorrow and then we’re hoping tomorrow night we’ll make our summit bid. So that’s all for now, hope everyone back home is doing well and we’ll check in again soon.

RMI Guide Casey Grom

RMI Guide Casey Grom calls in from Chukung.

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So happy everyone is doing well. I’m sending my love and warmth your way!

Posted by: Sydney on 4/3/2014 at 1:56 pm

GO DAD!!  Just saw the pic of you and Lee at the base of the icefall- maybe that’s been a few days ago?  Maybe you’re at the base of Island?  Jealous, but so happy for you. Fond memories of a DECADE ago on Pisco- proud of you.

Left foot, right foot, breath, breath….repeat!

Love from Chicago,

Posted by: Chris on 4/3/2014 at 10:34 am

Everest Base Camp Trek: Tucker & Team Check in from Base Camp

Hey Mark Tucker at Everest Base Camp, checking in.  Woke up to clear blue, not a cloud in the sky. Here in the early evening, we’ve got a little light snow- not unusual. The team is doing well. We had a very productive day: some showers, lots of writing, reading… I don’t know about arithmetic, lots of photos, and a venture into the Icefall. We are sharing our camp with Jeff Martin, the RMI Operations Manager. It’s a pleasure he is setting everything up for the team that’s coming in. Actually the bags that went straight from Kathmandu to Base Camp just arrived for the climbing team. I’m sure they are posting on the website. But their gear is all here and that is always a nice thing. A little bit chilly, as you can imagine. My hands are freezing on this phone but we are going to duck into the dining tent where we will have another three to five course meal and have a little heater in there. Play a little bit of cards and relax and we are already gearing up for tomorrow. Our descent will begin back back towards Lukla. So we are keeping that fresh in our mind. Everybody is doing well and thanks for following. We’ll talk later.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

RMI Guide Mark Tucker checks in from Everest Base Camp.

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Everest Base Camp Trek: Tucker and Team Arrive in Base Camp


It’s Mark Tucker here checking in with Rainier Mountaineering’s Everest Base Camp Trek,  17,500’ feet beautiful Mt. Everest. The Team did a bang’em up job and pulled in here in great shape. We are being treated well.  We’ve got fine tents, and lots of luxuries. We are going to spend two nights here.  Tomorrow will be a great day for investigating and poking around this historic site.  We are just so psyched, this team took on a big challenge to get here and we are very thrilled.

YEE HA! We will be checking in later.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker & Team

Mark Tucker Checking in from Everest Base Camp.

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Way to go Elizabeth!!! Guess the Lucky Charms watch did it’s magic!!! Enjoy the sights and safe travels on the Long & Winding Road home

PS Did You Know You’re My Hero? :)

Posted by: melissa mccarthy on 4/1/2014 at 4:38 pm

What an amazing trip - our hats off to you all! Love to Elizabeth, Nancy & Liz…Can’t wait to hear all about it in person!(PS: you missed a spectacular Tastevin!!!)
Hugs and kisses,
Janet and Larry

Posted by: Janet & Larry Mendez on 4/1/2014 at 3:25 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek & Island Peak Climb: Grom & Team back in Pheriche

Hello everyone. We have finally made it back to the land of wifi!

It was a wonderful two days at Base Camp and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We bid farewell to everyone there and headed back down the valley to Pheriche. It was an incredibly busy day on the trail with hundreds of porters and yaks heavily burdened with their loads. The weather was pretty nice most of the way which was a treat after yesterday being so windy. We are relaxing in the dinning room here with dozens of climbers where it’s actually hot because of the stove fueled by nothing more than dried yak dung.

Enjoying the thick warm air!

RMI Guide Casey Grom and Crew

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Hello Matt, This is Jay Shah, Nisha’s uncle from Los Angeles. Being selfish, I envy what You all doing now,going to the base camp. I wish I could have done the same. I have gone to Mt. Kailas in Tibet few years ago, but
Base camp is something I have missed out. The group looks so happy!!!!! Wish You all good luck &  thumb’s up to all.
Hope all of You have a refreshing, happy & purposeful trek

Posted by: JAY SHAH on 4/1/2014 at 9:17 am

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